Algore: ‘Our Democracy Has Been Hacked’ [Video]

The inventor of the internet, Algore, has discovered a security breach in our democracy system that was more than likely introduced into the Goracle operating system when Algore opened an infected email allegedly forwarded from Al Jazeera.

The email allegedly originated in Nigeria and promised to transfer $20 million to the Goracle’s bank account, allegedly.

No word on when a patch would be released due to catastrophic climate change allegedly caused by Fox News … and Rush Limbaugh.

“And I continue to speak out on issues. But one of the themes of this book, Matt, is that our democracy has been hacked. That’s a computer term, of course, that implies control of the way our political system works has been taken over. In this case, by big money, corporations designated as persons, anonymous donors. And big money is having a corrupting influence and it is degrading the quality of our democracy.”

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