Actor Danny Glover: 2nd Amendment Was Created to Protect Slavery


The Constitution’s Second Amendment was created to bolster slavery and capture land from Native Americans, award winning actor Danny Glover told a group of students at a Texas A&M sponsored event on Thursday.

“I don’t know if you know the genesis of the right to bear arms,” he said. “The Second Amendment comes from the right to protect themselves from slave revolts, and from uprisings by Native Americans.”

“A revolt from people who were stolen from their land or revolt from people whose land was stolen from, that’s what the genesis of the second amendment is,” he continued.

Glover, best known for roles in the “Lethal Weapon” franchise and “Angels in the Outfield,” was addressing students at an event being held in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Once again, we see another tiresome example of a Hollywood star who feels entitled to his own facts and history. Naturally, Glover cited no sources to back up his incendiary opinion that the Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights for the sole purpose of wiping out indigenous people and crushing slave revolts.

Huh. Imagine that. Go figure.

This is an interesting twist on the Second Amendment, in my mind. Now, it appears, the left will push a meme that the Second Amendment is racist in and of itself.

Huh. Imagine that. Go figure.

Of course, this means Mr. Glover is in lockstep with Obama’s imperious campaign to push gun control by Executive Orders. The president is writing his own laws and bypassing the legislature—once again, an impeachable offense.

So sad Danny Glover doesn’t even know his own ancestor’s history, nor the original intent of the Founders. So sad, indeed.

Like I’ve written so many times before on this blog, those on the left always seem to accuse their enemies of the very same crimes they themselves are committing—even if it means cutting their own nose off to spite their face. I keep pointing out this power tactic in memory of Saul Alinsky’s Rule 11: If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside. Rule 11 is simply a “hammer technique.” Keep hammering a negative to the point where even the opposition begins to believe it.

One classic example of Rule 11, in practice, was the democrats and their minions accusing George W. Bush of conducting an illegal war in Iraq, when, in fact, Bush had obtained the necessary congressional resolution to go to war in Iraq, as required by the War Powers Act. Prominent Democrats like Sen. Joe Biden and Tom Daschle voted ‘yes’ to the Iraq resolution, but then turned right round and starting accusing the Bush Administration of conducting an illegal war in Iraq. The mainstream press was quick to jump on the “illegal war” meme and slammed the Bush Administration 24/7 over the hostilities in Iraq.

Conversely, when President Obama bypassed Congress without obtaining the necessary congressional resolution to go to war in Libya—a direct violation of the War Powers Act, which is an unconstitutional act and an impeachable offense—their was a complete media blackout, hardly a peep from the democrats in Congress, either—albeit Dennis Kucinich. There has been no 24/7 slamming of the Obama Administration in the mainstream media for his de facto illegal war in Libya, yet, to this day, the MSM and ilk still insist that Bush’s war in Iraq was “illegal.”

No, it is so painfully and excruciatingly obvious that the press and Hollywood are in bed with the Democrat Party and radical left. (By the way, it’s the Democrat Party—nothing democratic about it.) So, not only is the left willing to endorse and ignore violations of the War Powers Act by the Obama Administration, they are willing to violate the First Amendment itself by colluding with the White House and Democrats in Congress. No wonder Hollywood received $450 million in tax breaks from the recent fiscal cliff bill; they are willing to do the bidding of the administration and the democrats anywhere, anytime.


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