1% Gore, 99% Goracle

***WARNING: Strong Language***

What’s got me wrapped around the axle now? #^&%@!!’ Al Gore! That’s who! This snakeoil salesman of an ex-VP has been pocketing truckfuls of cash promoting his alarmist the-world-is-going-to-end-yesterday catastrophic anthropogenic (man-made) global warming bullshit for years now … and I’m fucking sick of it!

For starters, Uncle Albert is right: there is global warming; it’s called earth’s climate!

There have been times in the earth’s past where the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere were thousands of times greater than they are now, yet life continued to flourish. As a matter of fact, if there was more CO2 in the atmosphere, it would speed up crop and forest regeneration.

But, no, let’s not deal with real science or reality, let’s suspend logic and employ logical fallacies to promote an environmental agenda created primarily by the United Nations—specifically, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Al Gore, affectionately referred to as The Goracle, or simply Algore, has made numerous fallacious claims regarding the earth’s climate, and atmospheric science in general—which he knows nothing about.

For example, Al Gore claimed in his global warming thriller “An Inconvenient Truth” that higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere preceded periods of warming. In fact, the Vostok Ice Core showed that higher levels of atmospheric CO2 increase following a period of warming—namely, increased levels of CO2 are an apparent result of warming, not the other way around. But that doesn’t stop the Goracle, particularly since he has apparently sold his eternal soul to the Gaia Movement—too much invested in this charade to give up now. Algore is playing for keeps.

Additionally, the Goracle et al. have shamelessly continued to push the notion catastrophic sea level rise will quickly inundate coastlines around the world, causing total devastation and the mass migrations of huge populations across the globe, unless immediate action is taken by governments around the world to prevent it (however you do that).

The fact of the matter is sea-level rise on average can be measured in centimeters, not feet, or tens of feet, like Algore and his minions constantly peddle to the unwashed masses.

It is interesting to note, too, that there were no sea-level experts consulted for the IPCC’s 3rd Assessment report—the report that has, for all intents and purposes, spurred on the entire catastrophic anthropogenic (man-made) global warming (CAGW) alarmist movement in the first place.

I could go on and on about the junk science and the extreme leftist environmental advocacy that underlies and propels the whole “climate change” movement, but that’ll be for another day. I really want to address the colossal hypocrisy of Mr. Al Gore and the apparent contempt that Mr. Gore has for the American citizenry.

Today I learned Algore has pocketed a cool $100 million in his sale of Current TV to none other than Al-Jazeera.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that Glenn Beck’s the Blaze inquired about buying Current last year, but was rejected due to ideological differences. Current leadership told the Blaze at the time that ”the legacy of who the network goes to is important to us.” Beck confirmed the inquiry late Wednesday.

So, while this charlatan f___ing #*&$%! Al Gore whoops it up in his mansions, wines and dines with the elites, flies around in his big private jet, stuffs his bloated bank account with Arab dollars, he preaches to the masses about reducing their “carbon footprint.” So beholden is the Goracle and his treacherous ilk to their neo-religious leftist ideology, they would rather sell their failed network to a bunch of Jew-hating, anti-American, Osama-lovin’, big oil-backed scum, who Gore claims “shares his goals,” rather than to an American they happen to disagree with politically. That’s proof positive that the progressive cause trumps all for the votaries of globalism and statism.

WFB reported:

Al Gore’s Current TV confirmed Wednesday evening that it has been sold to Al Jazeera for an estimated $400 to $500 million, with the former vice president set to pocket $100 million from the sale.

In an email sent to Current TV’s staff, co-founder and former chief executive officer Joel Hyatt describes the selling process he and co-founder Al Gore went through in considering sale to Al Jazeera, acknowledging Current TV was a failed model.

Hyatt points to the Al Jazeera’s many accomplishments, including its global reach and for being the “only news network” that Obama-supporter Colin Powell watches, as factors in their decision.

The announcement makes clear that Al Jazeera plans to create a new international news network for an American audience called “Al Jazeera America.”

Hyatt reminds his staff that the Qatari government funds Al Jazeera in the announcement, but fails to mention that the news network is considered by some a political and diplomatic tool for the oil-rich monarchy. Drivers in Qatar currently pay about $1 per gallon at the pump, due to massive oil subsidies handed down by the government.

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Algore’s Current TV better run by Islamists than “evil extremist” Glenn Beck, according to snakeoil salesman and fucking maggot Algore.

So, there you have it! While SOB’s like Algore and King Obama live the high-life, fattening their bankrolls in the process, they demand Americans “pay their fair share” and accept being packed and taxed into ever smaller and constricted spaces, thanks to the UN’s Agenda 21 and a plethora of environmental advocacy front groups that happily lap up every single drop of gooey Gaia nuttiness the demigods of climate change can spew forth via resolution and regurgitate it compulsively with religious-like devotion.

In closing, I would like just like to say to Algore and ilk, “F*ck you and the horse you rode in on!!”

Is that mean-spirited?

Don’t ever forget it.

And I’m just getting started!


Thomas Friedman on the phone to Algore (allegedly).

Disclaimer: The author possesses an official Class 3 Venting License (CVL-3). Do not try this at home.

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