Union Mayhem: Cross-Dressers & Sucker Punches

Looks like our unhinged union scabs had themselves quite a time in Lansing, Michigan, tearing down AFP’s tent (with kids inside) and cutting off squares for souvenirs.

Additionally, Steven Crowder attended the union rally and was sucker punched a few times by IBEW union maggot Tony Camargo. (Hey, yo, Tony … maybe next time you want to commit a little assault & battery in public you could leave your name off your jacket … just an FYI, dumbass.)

Obama must be proud, considering he’s been funneling all those millions to the unions. To paraphrase an old union saying, “If you can’t change their minds, break their heads.”

When some of our beloved union thugs aren’t kicking the crap out of somebody, they like to cross-dress, too … like Chris Opalewski (affectionately known as “Opie”):

“Opie” was instrumental in the heroic assault on the Americans for Prosperity tent at the union rally (w/ mosh pit) in Michigan …

h/t: Gateway Pundit

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