The Morgan Plan: BUH-BYE!

Well, it’s just been up and crazy on my Twitter timeline following CNN’s Piers Morgan’s recent rantings to Pastor Rick Warren.

NewsBusters reported:

“Then on Christmas Eve, Morgan used his interview with evangelical Pastor Rick Warren — author of the popular ‘Purpose Driven Life’ book — to charge that ‘the Bible and the Constitution were very well-intentioned’ but are ‘basically inherently flawed,’ thus requiring an amendment to the Bible.”

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Well, naturally, Piers’ pompous, haughty, contemptuous, disdainful rantings didn’t sit too well with a lot of Americans. A petition showed up the White House petition web site for  Piers Morgan to be deported (snicker).

The Blaze reported:

“In response to his repeated criticism of the Second Amendment, a petition to deport the British television host began on the White House website.  In roughly one week, more than 90,000 people have signed.

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Interestingly, I picked up a number of new followers from the U.K. on Twitter. Apparently nobody in the U.K. wants him back, either …

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