The Blame Game

You know, I’m hearing people blame a lot of things for the horrific massacre that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary that really, quite frankly, miss the mark entirely, as far as I’m concerned.

For example, a well-known conservative recently stated he believed the reason the murders occurred was due to the fact prayer has been removed from schools. While I’m all for prayer, I fail to see how saying prayers in school would necessarily have prevented a seriously mentally ill person from committing an atrocious act.

Additionally, I’m seeing people blame violent video games as the main cause which led to a seriously disturbed committing mass murder. This fails to explain all the people who have and do play “violent” video games and would never, ever consider committing a violent act in cold blood.

Now, what I will say is that I have seen games with content that I would certainly call offensive and over-the-top. What I worry about more is a person who immerses themselves in such activity to the exclusion of all else … a culture which produces and encourages it … people who do not socialize or engage in real human relationships … people who have been desensitized to such an extent that they no longer can empathize with real human suffering or even recognize evil for what it is—evil.

Unfortunately, evil will always be with us. As much as we may try, we will never be able to eliminate evil from the soul of the human being, for no man or woman has the authority to do so. What we can do is attempt to approach the threat of evil from a pragmatic and moral perspective that takes into account the multiple factors and influences that may encourage and incubate evil, then try and develop effective deterrents against it.

I do not believe effective deterrents against crime and violence are created by rescinding the inalienable rights of the private citizen. When we trade our Essential Liberty for a little Temporary Safety, we will receive neither safety nor liberty, as Ben Franklin so eloquently stated. Our Constitution guarantees this right “shall not be infringed”; it’s the Law of the Land.

Via Dana Loesch:


We’ve spent the past month talking about how we need to change the culture — and people again want to do it through the government. And due to a lot of misinformed talk, we’re running off a sizable gamer demo instead of appealing to them. The right making the exact same mistakes with culture yet again. With this line of thinking we will never win another election, ever. We need to fix this, friends.

I assume that those who decry what’s represented in A&E are working hard, right now, in culture to change it, right? If you’re worried about someone playing video games, you should do something about it. Don’t punish everyone with bigger government.

If you haven’t watched Penn Jillette’s total destruction of this topic from an episode of “Bullshit,” I suggest you do so. Warning: language NSFW.

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