Tea Party Activist Criticized for Obama Protest

Ah, the blatant hypocrisy of the left never ceases. Apparently Tea Party activist Randy Dye used a doll’s head in the likeness of Obama and poured water all over it to symbolize that Obama is “all wet.” Of course, this made the local ABC affiliate’s newscast. Naturally, the ubiquitous interview with a black civil rights figure played prominently into the ABC report; and, of course, the cries of “racism” went up.

I’ll make an assumption and take a wild guess that our black civil rights guy didn’t vote for Bush. So, according to the logic of the “civil rights guy,” that would make him a racist, since Bush is white and civil rights guy is black. Any criticism of Bush by civil rights guy is clearly racist, as is any criticism of Randy Dye.

Remember what the left said during the Bush years: “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” Looks like the lefties owe Randy Dye a patriotic salute.

Oh, and lest we forget …

p.s. Did any of the folks in the pictures above receive a visit from the Secret Service? Just curious.

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