Rubin Ill-Equipped to Espouse Conservatism

Jennifer Rubin

By  JenKuznicki

Jennifer Rubin has taken to quoting conservatives like Bill Buckley in her quest to make the argument that conservatism is exactly the opposite of what most conservatives believe. In her “Conservative in style, reformist in action” article, she cites Buckley,

“That, unfortunately, is far from the tone and the positioning adopted by many conservatives, who want to compete with the left in coarseness and extremism. For those that see themselves as heirs to William F. Buckley, Jr., they should recall his admonition that he’d rather be governed by the first 400 names in the Boston phone book than the faculty of Harvard University. That was both a warning against leftwing academics and a tribute to the common sense of the American people. It is a reminder that all-or-nothing politics expressed by public temper tantrums and constant threats is not conservatism as Buckley (or Edmund Burke or Russell Kirk) defined it.”

But Rubin’s summation of the Buckley quote is quite wrong.  The tea party that Rubin mortally hates, is actually the call that Buckley made.  The common sense of the American people is what she disavows every time she writes, and if public temper tantrums are at all equally measured, her recent column cheering the resignation of Jim DeMint is surely one of the most ignorant screeds of small-minded drivel that can be found in modern punditry.

It is in fact the tea party that caused all of those Republicans Rubin deems ‘purists’ in the House to get to DC.

After the election, someone made the point that you could drive from the northern border to the southern border in this nation without once going through a county that voted for the Democrat.  Those counties, as well as counties all over the familiar red map of the nation are represented by Republicans, and the DC pundit circuit can’t stand it.  I have taken to researching every Republican in the House that is not a member of the tea party caucus, and found that they all sought tea party blessings, in one form or another.

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