Right on Cue: NBC Calls for Gun Control Following NFL Murder-Suicide

It looks like Bob Costas is tearing a page straight out of the progressive playbook: “Never let a good crisis go to waste”:

(The DC)—During halftime of NBC’s coverage of the Philadelphia Eagles versus the Dallas Cowboys, NBC Sports analyst Bob Costas made a plea for gun control during his weekly commentary on “Sunday Night Football.”

Responding to the weekend murder-suicide by Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, Costas relied on a column by writer Jason Whitlock, formerly of the Kansas City Star, to make a gun-control argument.

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One of the reasons I’m not a liberal is due to the fact the left seems wont to politicize everything in life. You can’t even sit down and watch an NFL football game without being served a heaping dose of progressive propaganda—which is one of the main reasons I don’t watch TV anymore.


h/t: Louisana_mom

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