Memo to the GOP: Black Folks Like Being Democrats!


(—Speaking as one American, the whole “GOP outreach to Black folks” argument rings hollow for this reason: Most American Blacks reject Republican conservatism. While having strong religious conservatism, this doesn’t translate into its political equivalent, because of an even stronger allegiance: socialism.

Many feel America owes us for a tortured past and present issues. Government entitlement is the vehicle for satisfying this grievance.

Democrats are more than willing to play this role in exchange for a monopoly on the Black vote.
Obama’s two elections are seen more as a two part coup, than traditional transfers of power within the constitutional framework.

Record disbursements of unemployment insurance; food stamps and Obamacare was enough to confirm that the hated West socialists despise had been toppled in America.

One of many flaws in this socialist thinking is: American Blacks are Westerners too. The American tradition is informed by many cultures, varied African included, that create the sum total we practice today.

Seeing ourselves as outcasts within our own country creates fellow traveler status for whatever slick talking socialist cons us into selling out traditional values for more government.

I understand just how bad things have been since the last Bush term. People need much more help, public and private.

My concern is thinking the public route is the only one. Once they convince you government is the answer, voting Democrat is the only way to go.

Against this backdrop, excessive outreach to socialist Americans in my community is a waste of time. Individual American Blacks and sub-sets are political conservatives by choice- not coercion.

Begging; bribing or otherwise undermining traditional values platforms simply to have more Black faces in the GOP is a losing proposition.

Latinos are more philosophically receptive to the values message, but amnesty is the promise needed to keep them voting Republican.

Unlike us, they are competitive with their vote and aren’t wedded at the hip to either party.

Black folks may eventually emancipate ourselves from socialism, but that’s not the GOP’s problem. As Americans we will have to look socialism in the eye and reject it.

No benevolent outsider can do this for us. It hurts watching White patriots wanting us to embrace Americanism more than many of us desire.

The modern abolitionists are here but lot of us have yet to book passage on today’s underground railroad of free markets and a Judeo-Christian ethic cleansed of socialism.

Retaining conservatives of all colors is Republicans immediate peril. The minute I see them courting the ” Obama Phone Lady ” or ” preacher for profit ” demographic, I’ll return to being an independent.

There are clear reasons why Americans are Republicans and Democrats.

American Blacks in large part expect government to even the score for past wrongs. Those of us more focused upon the present and powered by uncompromised traditional values will either be Republicans; Independents or whatever other affiliation awaits.

I wish our outreach advocates well. They may be able to get significant numbers of Blacks to vote their values instead of worshipping at the altar of socialism.

I’m content with the percentage of center right; conservative and libertarian Americans from the Black community who are Republicans.

We’re here because the party ( at least in writing ) champions traditional values by which we live. An influx of socialists of any color should compel us and others to seek greener pastures elsewhere.

My work in the inner city isn’t to magically make Republicans out of socialists. My goal is getting some to reject socialism’s moral relativism, so they stop leading criminal and drug addicted lives.

My formula is the more patriots we mutually manufacture the fewer thugs; cracks heads and alcoholics. Sounds like a great trade off to me.

How they vote afterward is something we can discuss.

More Black faces for the sake of it isn’t the answer.

Recruiting more Americans whose patriotism and love of traditional values bind them together is a better goal.

Memo to the GOP: most Black folks like being Democrats. If we wanted to be Republican, more would have done so by now.

Alot of us are socialists and therefore, Democrats.

Republicans, look within your ranks for centrist and conservative Americans from the Black community. We’re already here.

One day Black folks will weary of socialism.

Black emancipators equivalent to Jack Kemp; Ron Paul; Ayn Rand and others are hastening this day. White modern abolitionists similar to Frederick Douglass; Booker T Washingon and Harriet Tubman are also fighting for this glorious day.

Today isn’t it.

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