Is It Time to Consider Civil Disobedience?

Exclusive: Joseph Farah envisions enlivened tea party instilling fear in politicians

by Joseph Farah

Americans can sit by and watch government ignore the Constitution and all the principles that made the country great.

Or they can take action, like they did in 2010.

Americans can get out into the streets and let the government know, in no uncertain terms, they will not accept the imposition of Obamacare, they will not accept the endless spiraling debt, they will not accept unlimited government, they will not accept intrusions into our personal liberties, they will not accept rogue government doing what it pleases, when it pleases and to whom it pleases.

In fact, it might be time to resort to civil disobedience in defense of the Constitution.

For instance, I am not going to participate in Obamacare. I’m not going to do it as an individual, and I’m not going to do it as an employer. I would like to be joined by thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of others – maybe even millions.

While I’d like to see millions of tea-party activists back out in the street as we saw in 2010, perhaps we need to do more than hold placards and sing songs. Maybe we need to stage sit-ins like Martin Luther King did. Maybe we need to submit ourselves to arrest by the tens of thousands, overwhelming the injustice system.

Washington has become unresponsive to the people and the rule of law. Elections are manipulated, and the turnout in 2012 suggests tremendous disillusionment with the choices Americans are being offered.

Why shouldn’t they be?

As you read this column, Democrats and Republicans are conspiring to find a path to business as usual – endless borrowing and spending, raising taxes on the productive class of society, while creating more dependency on government by the rest.

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