FAIR POLICY FOR OFF DUTY? Military Subjects Marines to Strict Anti-Drinking Crackdown

Me thinks this is Muslim-inspired.

(Fox News)—WASHINGTON –  The U.S. military next month plans to start subjecting Marines to random Breathalyzer tests, as part of its strictest anti-drinking policy to date. Even one drink could get a Marine referred for counseling.

The initiative, which goes into effect Jan. 1, 2013, is part of a broader program aimed at stopping Marines from underage drinking and drinking while on duty. They will be required to take the tests twice a year.

“Breathalyzer testing will enable commanders to test 100 percent of the Marines in their unit in order to take appropriate actions related to the health and safety of Marines such as training, education and referral to substance abuse counseling,” spokesman Maj. Shawn Haney told FoxNews.com.

Under the Marine order, monthly reports will be kept by each unit and quarterly reports will be submitted to Marine Corps headquarters. It’s up to the unit commander whether he or she wants to hand down additional punishment.

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