Chicago Teachers Union Offers Class Cutting Strategies to Members

CTU member at an Occupy Chicago anti-NATO rally–on a school day.

(Marathon Pundit)—When members of the Chicago Teachers Union went on strike this fall, they had to know that make-up days would eventually follow. For some teachers–at Track R schools–two days are coming, January 3 and 4.

Apparently, many teachers plan to play hooky on those days. Some have made non-refundable vacation deposits, others, the CTU hypothesizes, may need to “attend a wedding [or] visit a sick relative.”

What about hiring subs? “The Board has insufficient substitute teachers to cover the demand,” the CTU says.

Wow. The September strike by the Chicago Teachers Union was not a surprise–the walkout was viewed as likely as early as June. It’s safe to say that those teachers who chose to put down money on a winter break trip during this school year were making a big gamble with their money–and on the needs of their students.

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