Boehner Has To Go: Ignore the Constitution, Party Uber Alles!

By Dan Riehl

(Riehl World News)—The people Boehner has punished were not elected by their constituents to represent John Boehner, his leadership, nor the Republican Party. The Republican Party is not protected by the Constitution. By his actions, Boehner has made himself the tanned poster child of everything that is wrong with Washington. It’s two parties vying for power, the will of the American people be damned!

What does this idiot Boehner hope to do, split the party officially?

The House of Representatives is called the ‘house of the people’ for a reason. It is not the House of John Boehner, or the GOP. By punishing certain members as he has, Boehner may as well be punishing individual citizens for their thoughts, opinions and positions. The bottom line is, Boehner is intellectually not up to the job. Obama will continue to kick his ass around like a dope and he needs to resign. He can’t even handle this internal situation adequately and is simply not up to the job.

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