A Real Journalist: Ben Swann

Wish I had I heard of this guy before, but I’m glad I know now: Ben Swann is making a name for himself as a journalist who will go where liberal angels fear to tread. If we had more authentic journalists like this Swann guy, as opposed to the current crop of opinionators who dare call themselves “journalists” these days, I doubt the Democrats could have ever gotten as far as they have in wresting complete control of the federal  government and the culture.

For example, this interview with President Obama demonstrates Swann is not afraid to assertively confront the president on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Obama’s “Kill List,” Syria, and Afghanistan:

And to continue, here’s an informative report by Ben regarding the Newtown Police Chief’s comments threatening prosecution for anyone posting “misinformation” on the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. Apparently the video going around, which caused a lot of consternation was, in fact, taken out of context. I’m relieved it was. That’s good reporting, in my opinion.

This guy is good … Look forward to seeing more from him. And for all you “journalism” students out there: watch and learn.

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