A Lawless Society

By: Aaron

Planeteers  were posting about recent trends.  Here are some random points I want to make regarding that.

Google: 157,000 “Smash and Grab burglary in the news”results.

Chicago—just one city in America—has had over 440 homicides this year—on track for over 500 by year’s end, despite a population decline of 200,000 people in the last 10 years and strict gun control laws.

It is estimated that only 21% of Americans regularly attend weekly church services.  Some of the decline in attendance is actually a result of the media’s negative reporting on religion.

It seems to me that the media vultures sensationalizing mass-shootings, flash mobs and serial killers—together with their poo-pooing  of religion and any organization that is pro-life, or even slightly conservative—is really having a detrimental effect on our society.  All that our nation’s “leader” can come up with is “guns are bad,” as he arms the Muslim Brotherhood.

The lawlessness in this society is a growing disaster; and the one person who should be taking the lead on this is the President.  I have never heard him condemn the violence in our cities and the increasing sense of entitlement that the youth in particular feel when engaging in criminal behavior.  If our own President, Attorney General, Secretary of State and their agents in Congress lie, cheat and steal, and parents everywhere have no moral compass, what can we expect in the way of crime trends over the next four years?

Is it any wonder that the Choomer-In-Chief feels that enforcing Federal Drug Laws are a low priority?

One finding that brought me a little comfort in reading the statistics this morning is the fact that heroin use among teens is declining.

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