Wrapped Around the Axle

Wrapped around the axle” is the only way I can describe how I feel right now regarding the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama and the present state of our nation. But the reelection of Obama is not the only thing I’m wrapped around the axle about. The Republican Party has certainly added to my consternation and frustration.

Admittedly, the reelection of Barack Obama has left me shell-shocked. Where did all the momentum from 2010 go? The economy did not improve following the 2010 primaries, yet we find ourselves, once again, under the reign of Obama and ilk. How did this happen? We saw Obama addressing lackluster supporters in half-empty stadiums during the reelection campaign, while Romney was drawing large, enthusiastic crowds at every stop. Consider the following and ask yourself how a president could be elected with such a record (h/t: Gateway Pundit):

It doesn’t matter that unemployment has been hovering at 8% for the past four years.
It doesn’t matter that black unemployment is at 14.1%.
It doesn’t matter that Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression.
It doesn’t matter that Obama added over $5 trillion to national debt.
It doesn’t matter that the national deficit is over a trillion dollars… again.
It doesn’t matter that his trillion dollar stimulus was an abysmal failure.
It doesn’t matter that his foreign policy is a catastrophe.

There were a number of voting irregularities during the election. Now, am I saying that the Republicans lost due to massive voter fraud? My answer: “I don’t know.” There were allegations of major voter fraud during the caucus primaries between Hillary Clinton and Obama in 2008. But, as usual, nothing was done about it. That’s my point—nothing was done about it. If similar voter fraud allegations had been laid at the Republicans’ feet, the left will still be railing about it to this day.

All of this just undermines my faith in our current electoral process. I’m not a fan of electronic voting. As a software engineer, I know how easy it can be to include “backdoors” in your source code—which requires other software engineers to peer review the actual source code to ensure it’s clean. But the bottomline is many Americans did vote for Obama, despite the absolutely abysmal state of our economy and a disastrous foreign policy. It’s practically unheard of for an incumbent president to be reelected with such horrible economic stats. So, apparently, we’ve reached some sort of milestone—meaning: you can get reelected despite a terrible economy.

For the past four years, I put a lot of energy, time and money into trying to help the Republicans in whatever way I could. I naively thought that the Republican Establishment would embrace, with open-arms, a grassroots movement like the Tea Party. But that’s what I get for “thinking.” I’ve held my tongue on my outrage over this out of “pragmatism.” I wanted our side to win and I was willing to get behind the Republicans in order to do so, even if it meant I had to hold my nose doing so. But what did I get in return? Disrespect. Sen. John McCain referred to Tea Partiers as “hobbits.” Karl Rove referred to the Tea Party as “not sophisticated.” It looks to me like the Republican Establishment is hellbent on losing power. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this enrages me.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. Recently, while watching Fox News, I listened to Bret Baier interview Bill Kristol, who now believes we need to raise tax rates on the “rich.” To his credit, Bret Baier played a clip of Kristol from a while back stating the stupidest thing Obama could do was raise tax rates during an major economic downturn. Now, following Obama’s reelection, Bill Kristol thinks we should reconsider raising taxes. I also recently witnessed Ben Stein make the same argument that the government should raise tax rates on the rich, since Stein believes the federal government is not bringing in enough revenue. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and ilk are now making similar overtures.

For crying out loud, our federal government does not have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem! The government is spending far more than it’s taking in. The real kicker here is the fact that confiscating all of the wealth of the “rich” (emphasis on “all”) wouldn’t even cover this fiscal year’s deficit, let alone making a dent in the national debt. If there’s one thing I can count on with the Republicans, it’s that they always seem to cave, while the left never caves. It’s pathetic; it makes me sick—literally.

Why do I not hear these same so-called Republicans not demand we slash the size of the government? Why are these individuals siding with those who wish to grow our already massive government ever bigger? Whose side are they on? Who the hell says we need a bigger federal government? Where is that written in stone? Nobody of import is really seriously addressing the massive debt problem in earnest, not to mention the hundreds of trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities. Those who wish to take on the massive debt problem are marginalized, demonized and simply brushed aside.

I don’t believe the problems this nation is facing is going to be solved politically per se. The Democrats realize this; it’s why they took over the media and the culture. The Democrats use the culture to promote their political ideology. The mainstream media has now become a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. Until this issue is addressed, I don’t see anything swinging the Republicans’ way, as far as the electorate is concerned. If you can’t get your message out, you’re pretty much screwed. Right?

And this brings me to the the American electorate. To all you so-called Republicans who decided not to vote in the 2012 presidential election, I have no words for you that are fit to print. Enjoy your tax increases, Obamacare and stagnant economy, while you pat yourselves on the back because you didn’t vote for Romney out of “principle.” FOOLS! Do I think Romney was the ideal presidential candidate? HELL NO! But he was our candidate.

With that being said, why did the Republican Establishment insist on running a moderate like Romney as the presidential candidate? I predicted on Twitter well before the election that if the Republicans went full-on conservative they would win big-time, but if they went “Romney-RINO” we would lose big-time. It starts to make one wonder. Why is it that the Republicans have learned nothing from the victory of Ronald Reagan? Reagan won people over to his side; he did not compromise and move over to their side. What was the result? A landslide victory.

Another thing that really wraps me around the axle is just how far we have moved from our founding as a republic toward a pure democracy. I hear people on the right and left refer to the United States as a democracy all the time. They’ve bought into the left’s rhetoric that democracy is synonymous with Freedom & Liberty. We are not a democracy! The Founders warned us over and over again about the dangers of pure democracy, i.e. mobocracy. We are republic with a representative form of government that protects the inalienable rights of the individual. Democracy is simply the rule of the majority—the mob. It didn’t work in Athens and it won’t work here, either.

Sadly, the Progressive Movement has worked tirelessly over the past one hundred years to move our nation away from a true republic toward a pure democracy. We have done away with electors. We now elect senators by popular vote as a direct result of the Progressive Movement pushing for the ratification of the 17th Amendment—effectively wrenching the Senate from the states, which technically makes us a semi-democracy—specifically, a democratic republic. We now have the most unfairest tax of all—the progressive income tax brought to us by the Progressive Movement who pushed for the 16th Amendment (income tax). We now hear more and more of doing away with the Electoral College—the mechanism which gives equal representation to small states as well as large ones at the federal level—and replacing it with a national popular vote. If this happens, the U.S. will be a pure democracy; the republic will be finished.

I’ve come to a sorry conclusion: America is like an addict who is in total denial and must first hit rock bottom before they will even so much as consider the thought that they might have a very serious problem. I believe that so many people now are so completely disengaged from reality and only motivated by their own desires that they will not listen to anything, not until it directly effects them. Unfortunately, in my mind, Americans are going to have to feel the severe pain and consequences of their actions, despite the fact they’ve been warned on numerous occasions they are headed down the path to economic ruin and cultural suicide. The question then becomes, “Will there be anything left to save after we do hit rock bottom?” That’s what really wraps me around the axle.

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