When Liberals (Socialists) Offer Advice

Now that dear leader has been reinstalled, a number of liberal talking heads are offering advice to republicans and conservatives on the direction they believe we need to go. They just want to “help” us, don’t ya know. How gracious! How kind! They’re always so helpful, aren’t they? Do wonders ever cease?

To me, accepting political advice from a liberal is a lot like having the coach from the other team call your plays. That should work out well, no? Of course, the counsel we conservatives receive from the left always entails “compromise.” We conservatives must learn how to compromise with the left, according to the left.

Obama has admonished the right that “compromise” is not a bad word. Okay. Technically, that’s true. Compromise in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing, unless “compromise” means sacrificing everything you believe in—which typically is what liberals desire. It has not escaped my notice that the left does not seem willing to compromise with conservatives on anything—at any level whatsoever. So, why is it that we must always compromise with the left? Because they desire it to be so? Because they demand it?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stated plainly that he would not work with Mitt Romney should Mitt be elected to the presidency. Wow. How’s that for compromise? But never mind that, right? Right, lefties? We’ll just ignore that part, won’t we! YOU BETCHA!

And we all know how much Barack Obama is willing to compromise and reach across the aisle, huh! I would suspect that’s the reason why Obama, Pelosi and Reid rammed the unpopular healthcare bill right down the throats of the American populace without any bipartisan support—because they are so willing to compromise. Oh, I wouldn’t say they haven’t compromised things—mostly human decency and their own morality … but I digress.

No, we conservatives just need to shut the hell up and and sit down at the back of the bus. Besides, Obama doesn’t want to hear from us:

“I expect to be held responsible, but I don’t want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don’t mind cleaning up after them, but don’t do a lot of talking.”

—Barack Hussein Obama

Obama just stated today that there will be no compromise on taxes—they’re going up, period. No, the republicans are just going to have to compromise with the president. It’s  a one-way street with the left; it’s the ultimate in hypocrisy—something the left seems to have have mastered: always accuse the enemy (republicans) of the very same crimes they themselves (democrats) are committing. Just listen closely to Bill Clinton Barack Obama sometime with this in mind and tell me if I’m wrong. Unfortunately, it is quite an effective technique for deflecting the arrows of your political adversary.

In my mind, the reasons why we lost the election are abundantly clear. Firstly, the network media worked night and day to demonize and marginalize Mitt Romney, while at the same time heaping effusive praise upon dear leader. Until the right can learn how to deal with a biased media, I don’t see it getting any better. According to a recent article I read, most Americans get their daily news from network morning shows, i.e. ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. There’s really no mystery to this. Most people work. The only time they have to catch up on the news is in the morning. They’re not like us bloggers who scour the bowels of the internet researching and studying the left. They don’t have the time, or perhaps even the desire.

Secondly, Mitt Romney was not the preferred candidate for many Conservatives and the like. It was foisted upon us by what has become known as the Republican Establishment. Although Romney did better than expected during the campaign, he was not the fighter I was hoping for—too little, too late. I think Mitt is a decent man and wish him and his family the best. But you’ve got to really fire up your base to defeat an incumbent president. The left has their man in Obama. It’s practically a cult of personality at this point.

Oh, but now I hear some republicans starting to say we need to compromise on illegal immigration, abortion-on-demand, same-sex marriage, anthropogenic global warming, gun control, raising taxes on the so-called rich, etc. Yeah, that’s just great. Let’s just compromise on everything, shall we? Let’s just give in … just give up. Let the left have everything they want. Sometimes I would just like to do just that—meaning: just let the left have their way. Once they’ve bankrupted the nation and upended the only system on earth which guarantees the inalienable rights of the individual—freedom and liberty—I would just love to see what the progressives would replace it with. I don’t think they have a clue.

But, then again, what do you expect from a bunch of people who base their ideology upon fanciful theorizing and utopian beliefs that have failed miserably wherever they were tried. For example, Argentina comes to mind. The ideology of the left is not based on experience, logic or tradition; it is based on the fantasy of what could be—devoid of reality, and morality.

Toying with the idea of compromising with the left is an attempt to apparently win over new voters to the republican cause. Huh. Do you want to vote for somebody who is willing to compromise their beliefs at the drop of a hat? Is that somebody you would respect and want as your leader? You win people over by gaining their respect first. This “go along to get along” schtick is worthless when it comes to true leadership. Leaders are supposed to lead, regardless of the adversity, not follow. Did we forget that? Just a question.

Are the progressive liberals trying to win us over by gaining our respect? Or are they saying that we’re all just a bunch of “stupid, old, white” folks? It appears the left is intent on forcing their values and morals upon conservatives; we are to capitulate and surrender unconditionally. That’s what the left calls “compromise.” The left has declared war on the right, while the right attempts to reach across the aisle—pulling back a bloody stump every time.

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