TRP Status Update

Well, I’m finally back to posting. I was without internet access for a few days last week. Additionally, the Thanksgiving holiday required some time away from the computer. A big thanks to AAABTonto for helping out during my absence. Appreciate it, kimosabe!

By the way, TRP is in need of donations. My computer crashed a little while ago and I’m using a borrowed computer. Like many Americans, I am experiencing severe economic hardships right now. I can’t afford a new computer right now and this site really doesn’t make any money per se. It’s becoming more and more difficult to maintain a blog with 15-20-plus posts a day for free under present circumstances.

I’m also in the process of deciding which direction TRP should take at this point. TRP has been in need of a site redesign for a long time now. But, at present, I don’t have the resources, money or time to make it happen. I am committed to keeping the site going, but I need some help.

On November 7th, TRP received 13,385 page views—an all-time high for this site. I do believe TRP has the potential to be a high-traffic blog; it just needs a facelift and some new features. Any help toward this end will be greatly appreciated.


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