The Sustainable Death Of America

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Every day in every way we hear how we are working to be “Sustainable.” But do you know why this word, “sustainable,” is showing up in everything in your life? Why is it used in every government regulation, every talking point on development, every initiative, and every working plan adopted by leadership at all levels of American life today? It sounds so cozy, so comforting, so reassuring. It’s the latest craze, the latest buzzword, the latest word to explain how everything the government is doing is supposedly good for you. It goes with “green,” “livable,” “preservation,” “conservation,” “open areas,” “recreation,” “eco-tourism,” etal. So hip. So now. So happening. So rad. So cool. So… necessary?

It is amazing what words can do to create a perception. People can be convinced of anything if the right words are used to do the convincing. Words can make you feel good. Words, when used for propaganda, are very powerful. And that is why you are hearing the cozy words; sustainable, green, conservation, preservation, livable, easements, visioning, partners, smart growth, equity, consensus, etc.

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