The Rise of Obamapoleon

I think sums this up best:

YES, THIS IS THE OBAMA COVER FOR NEWSWEEK’S POST-ELECTION ISSUE. Everyone in the GOP should buy this issue, tear off the front page, wipe their ass with it and mail it back to Newsweek.

By the way, I’m more than fed up with the constant trashing of “stupid, old, white people”  by the spitting moralists of the left. Apparently, to the left, being “old” (whatever that equates to) and white are terrible, awful things to be utterly eschewed and held in great contempt. There isn’t a segment of our society one can trash with such impunity like “stupid, old, white people.”

If I wrote a headline which read “YOU’RE OLD … YOU’RE BLACK … YOU’RE DONE,” it would probably headline the Rachel Maddow show as a prima facie example of “racist right-wing extremism.” I don’t understand the logic behind people believing it is okay to fight alleged racism with outright racism—particularly when it’s coming from angry, old, liberal white guys and gals. But, then again, I don’t understand why liberals are such worthless sacks of shit, either. (Two can play that game.)

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