Syria: War is Hell

Muslims Killing Muslims …

There was an airstrike in Aleppo, Syria. on Nov 29, 2012 and I would be willing to bet our diligent (sarcasm) excuse for news media didn’t report anything about it. There are an unknown number of dead and injured, including children. There does not appear to be any military target involved.

The airstrike occurred a few hours after the government of Syria severed the country from the internet in what is, apparently, an attempt to cover up mass killings like this one:

WARNING: This video contains VERY disturbing images!!!

Aftermath of airstrike in Aleppo, Syria, today while internet was cut. NSFL/NSFW

From LiveLeak description:

“Starting at 10:26 UTC on Thursday, 29 November (12:26pm in Damascus), Syria’s international Internet connectivity shut down. In the global routing table, all 84 of Syria’s IP address blocks have become unreachable, effectively removing the country from the Internet.We are investigating the dynamics of the outage and will post updates as they become available.”


Syrian Air Strike Kills 15 in Aleppo

An air strike Thursday on three buildings in Syria’s war-torn commercial capital Aleppo killed at least 15 civilians, including five children and two women, a monitoring group said.

The raid on the district of Ansari in the southwest of the city also left 20 people wounded, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which released videos showing the casualties and extensive damage caused in the area.

In one graphic video (see above) posted on YouTube by activists, a group of men can be seen digging furiously by hand, only to lift the lifeless body of a child from below the dusty rubble, his head limp on his chest.

The area was hit with barrel bombs dropped from the air, activists said.

The facades of the towering surrounding buildings, located in a rebel-held area of Ansari, are completely blown out.

Another video shows the youngest victims – four children shrouded in blankets and laid together on the floor of a dim room, one of them a baby.

One activist rushes to the scene by bicycle, filming on his way. He arrives to the dust-filled haze of the district, which he identifies as Zibdiyeh neighborhood to the east of Ansari, to find a young boy lying covered in dust.

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