Report: The Allen West Recount Continues

The Allen West Recount Continues (an On The Ground Report)

By | November 17, 2012

(Western Journalism)—A judge mumbled his way through his no-go decision, a county attorney admitted that the canvassing board violated Florida’s sunshine laws, and the RPOF remained in transit from Tallahassee; but Colonel Allen West is still ALL IN.  Election Supervisor Gertrude Walker went to the hospital as a 2-1 decision near midnight on Friday by the canvassing board determined a re-tabulation of ALL early votes  has begun at 9 a.m. this morning.

Going in “for tests,” Walker may not be able to show up or have another presser to answer bourgeoning questions of what she knew and when she knew it about alleged discrepancies that could prevent Colonel West from meeting the automatic trigger of .5% for an automatic recount of ALL votes!

All week long, ordinary Florida citizens gathered in front of her office.  A young man shouting into a white bullhorn led marching in military cadence to “What Do We Want?”  “Recount now,” they shouted back.

“Beaver” from Ft. Lauderdale told me their flags are being flown upside down – an international maritime distress symbol.  “If a ship was in distress, her flag was flown upside down. . .this country is in distress,” he added.

“When does 100% become 140%. . .how does that work?” one protestor asked.  Another woman told me she turned over to the West team evidence of “stick ‘em notes (allegedly) pasted on ballots in a town south of here that said ‘Ignore Allen West!’”  Rumors abound; and with Walker out of commission, we can’t verify whether or not Nancy Pelosi called her (allegedly) to say, “Don’t Let Them Win!”

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