Odd … Allen West Recount Finalization Delayed Until Tomorrow Morning

Appears the Democrats never stop with their #&^%!! shenanigans. The Right Scoop reported:

“Reports on the ground are that over 32k votes were recounted today in 12 hours which finished around 9PM, but for some reason the remaining 304 votes couldn’t be completed in 2 hours. Officials are saying an automatic alarm is set at 11PM and they are forcing everyone to leave and come back in the morning at 8AM to finish the recount. The deadline is tomorrow noon.

Funny thing is this alarm wasn’t an issue on election night, says Gary Galiano:

I asked, how is the [alarm] being automatically set, when you guys were here until 2 am on election night…. Their response to me.. We are closing. Sheriff then ask me leave

This certainly smells fishy and hopefully people will stand guard tonight to ensure the building is secured and no one enters until 8AM tomorrow morning.”

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