Obama’s Pathetic Foreign Policy and Israel’s Self Defense

The Twilight Zone

Our global circumstance is like a living episode of the Twilight Zone. The shameless globalist power mongers have America exactly where they want us. Obama has been re-ensconced in the big-boy chair — in the face of near landslide opposition via obvious and not-so obvious voter fraud strategies and the Republican Party campaign consultants are out on the Sunday morning talking head shows explaining that it is the fault of the Tea Party conservatives and the nasty, fowl-mouthed bigotry of talk radio. Their solution is that Republicans need to reach out to illegal Mexican immigrants. (Pardon me while I vomit.)

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, the sole beacon of freedom and liberty on planet Earth, is being reduced to a socialist bread line, demilitarized, its currency devalued and its once-formidable middle class decimated. And while this is going on, we are told that America is insensitive to Islam and we need to forgo our Constitution to allow for Sharia.

Meanwhile, Obama’s Middle East passivity and his endorsement of the Muslim Brotherhood is making life ever more difficult for Israel. Without America to condemn the actions of Muslim nations, they feel emboldened to do whatever they please. He claims credit for the Arab Spring, yet all it has accomplished is increased senseless violence against Christians, non Muslims and the murder of Ambassador Stevens — our President says nothing. But, it’s just a “bump in the road.”

The road to hell?

We are told that Israel is to blame for all the turmoil of the Middle East regardless of the fact that Israel was a country a millennium before Muhammad raided his first caravan. Now, as Israel attempts to defend itself against the expanding influences of the Muslim Brotherhood and missile attacks by Hamas from Gaza (which may involve the use of chemical weapons), the anti Semitic globalists condemn Israel and are piling on with impunity. Vladimir Putin is siding with Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood – no surprise, but now we are given to understand that British Foreign Secretary William Hague has announced his country’s opposition to Israel defending herself from the rocket attacks from Gaza. Now, Anonymous has joined the fray and has apparently launched a “cyberwar” against the tiny Jewish nation, claiming Israel is guilty of human rights violations.

Israel is not taking it lying down though. On Wednesday the Israel Defense Force killed (IDF) the military commander of Hamas in an airstrike on the Gaza Strip. Ahmed Al-Jabari, who ran Hamas’ armed wing the Izz al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, was killed along with his son after their car was targeted by an Israeli missile. The attack was launched despite efforts by Egypt to barter a truce between Israel and Palestinian militants after the recent surge in violence which has seen over 100 missiles launched at Israel from the Gaza Strip. The IDF said Jabari’s assassination marked the beginning of Operation Cloud Pillar against Gaza terrorists. Israeli aircraft struck at least 20 rocket-launching pads belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

IDF kills top Hamas commander

IDF spokesman Yoav Mordechai said, “The first aim of this operation is to bring back quiet to southern Israel, and the second target is to strike at terror organizations.”

Israel continued to press for diplomacy as well. Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor filed his third complaint with the UN Security Council this week following the continued rocket attacks on Israel. “No country can accept terror attacks on its cities and citizens. The international community must realize that Israel will protect its citizens at all costs,” he wrote.

He is correct. How can any normal thinking human being expect Israel not to respond under these circumstances? The hypocrisy of the UN and the utterly unreasonable demands of the nations who oppose Israel’s self-defense is breath taking.

Airstrike in Gaza

Obama is no friend of Israel …


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