Harry Reid: ‘I Don’t Understand His Brain’

The fiscal cliff …

Harry the Pompous

Opinion by AAABTonto:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Pompous Ass Reid (D-NV), on Thursday told a reporter to ask House Speaker John Boehner, (R-OH) why Boehner thought the ball (for the “fiscal cliff”) was in the Democrat’s court. “I don’t understand his brain,” Reid said. “So you should ask him.” (see video)

Harry described Republican discussions about revenues as “happy talk.”

Boehner had spoken to reporters following a meeting with Treasury Secretary Timmy Einstein Geithner earlier in the day. Describing the meeting, Boehner said that the discussion was “frank and direct,” but that he did not see any specifics regarding a Democrat strategy to cut government benefit programs.

“First, despite the claims that the president supports a balanced approach, Democrats have yet to get serious about real spending cuts,” Boehner said. “And secondly, no substantive progress has been made in the talks between the White House and the House over the last two weeks.”

“It’s very clear what kind of spending cuts need to occur,” he added. “But we have no idea what the White House is willing to do.”

Boehner repeated that Republicans have agreed to higher revenues  as part of a deal (puke) and accused the Democrats of refusing to make concessions on entitlement programs.

“Over the past year and a half I’ve talked to the president about many of them,” Boehner said.

On Wednesday evening, the president and the speaker spoke by phone–a conversation Boehner described as “direct and straightforward,” but said he was disappointed from  that call and the talk with Geithner.

Imagine that? …

I don’t know what Boehner expected to hear, but I would remind him that Harry, the Pompous, hasn’t felt obliged to present a balanced budget, as required by law, in nearly four fu–funny years … almost let one fly there

Geithner’s appendages are all tethered to the puppet master’s manipulator and it is more than likely that the coming “fiscal flop” is, in fact, part of the President’s agenda. Why wouldn’t it be? This is just another form of redistribution and the worse off Americans are, the easier it is for the “transformer in chief” to bring his socialist vision to life.

Additionally, the Democrats have played this game numerous times in the past. They even managed to convince Ronald Reagan to increase taxes in exchange for cutting spending, but of course those spending cuts were never delivered. So, why in Sam hell would one expect the the Democrats to keep a promise now? They simply want to continue to add trillion$ to the debt like tinsel to a Christmas tree–as long as that Christmas tree is not displayed publicly.

Obama is purposely devaluing the dollar and … they’ll get to neuter the military in the process–cries of “joy” from the pacifist choir! I think I am going to throw up …

What will the clueless Republican retreads do? They are going to get blamed for the fiscal swan dive regardless of what they decide. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. And, they sure don’t want to follow any advice from the Tea Party!

“The Tea Party is the reason that Mitt Romney lost,” they scold! “Why, we have to become even more moderate than we already are!” No, it couldn’t be because they continue to pick moderate candidates and ignore the successes of the Tea Party movement–but I digress. The point is that the beltway moderate Republican leadership is incapable of making a bold strategic move by allowing the president and his minions to have their way and drive over that cliff all by their damn selves.

The president owns it all now … let him have the title-work!

Symphony of Destruction – Megadeth Lyrics

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