Drivers License of Paula Broadwell Found in Rock Creek Park, D.C.

Paula Broadwell on the Daily Show with Jon Stewar

Paula left her drivers license in the park? Really? REALLY? This is just getting plain stupid now … maybe she was just in a hurry to get to her next media appearance:

(The Blaze)—U.S. News is reporting that the driver’s license of Paula Broadwell, David Patraeus’ mistress, was recently discovered in Washington D.C.’s Rock Creek Park.  A Maryland National Capital Park Police spokesman apparently confirmed that it was seen by a jogger, and while they had planned to hold it for roughly 3 months, after Broadwell’s name became national news they alerted the FBI.

Broadwell’s attorney Robert F. Muse confirmed that Broadwell lost her ID, but did not comment on Broadwell’s current whereabouts or what form of transportation she has been using.  Broadwell is known as an avid jogger, though, and has even discussed how she got to know General Petraeus on their long runs together.

But here’s the interesting part– Rock Creek Park has quite a history in world affairs, particularly in the field of espionage.

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