Don’t Mess with Texas: Texas GOP Sues Texas Dems Over NAACP Behavior in Polls

PJ Media

Texas GOP Vote has the full press release:

In addition, we have seen the reports that many of you saw on, the Drudge Report, and local media regarding events at the Acres Homes polling location on Friday and the inappropriate behavior by the NAACP. Any means of pushing a candidate or issue within the boundaries of the polling site violates Texas law. It is a well-known and enforced law; therefore, there is little excuse for the NAACP regarding this behavior. Harris County has measures in place to assist voters who have difficulty standing and the NAACP should not cherry-pick which voters deserve to go first. Harris County runs the election process, not the NAACP. If the NAACP plans to have people around the polls, they should properly train them on what is legal and appropriate behavior just as the rest of us do with our workers. We urge the County Attorney Vince Ryan (D) to take appropriate action

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