Capitalism to Marxism in 6 Easy Steps

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I’m old. I admit it. I’m old enough to remember growing up in Mississippi during desegregation and busing. I remember being in an all-white elementary school until the third grade and suffering the trauma of being bused to a new school where I knew very, very few kids. I remember not really caring about the politics of integration because I was too busy being disturbed and pretty unhappy about losing most of my friends in the move.

Being that I am that old, I remember the news reports about the Soviets invading Czechoslovakia in 1968. I remember daily Vietnam War body counts on the Huntley-Brinkley Report at 6 pm. I remember East Germany before the Berlin Wall fell. I remember Checkpoint Charlie. I remember the Warsaw Pact and the hard line, pre-“glasnost” Soviet leaders, Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko. I can remember when China was essentially a closed society and a mystery to the West…at least until Richard Nixon visited there in 1972.

I remember the violent suppression carried out by these Marxist/communist governments, something that Americans under the age of 35 only read about in history books. To them, China has always been open, there never was a USSR and they have never seen a communist state roll an army into a neighboring nation because they were insufficiently communist. They have never heard miraculous stories of daring escapes from East Germany and the terrible accounts of the 171 people killed trying to reach freedom.

So spare me the mealy-mouthed excuses for Marxism, the admiration of communist China and how a little socialism is a good thing for America. I saw what it looks like in practice. Socialism is the gateway drug to Marxism and Marxism is the precursor to communism.

At least back in the bad old days, Marxists, along with their fellow travelers and useful idiots, were open about “the revolution”. They were brutal – but at least they attacked you from the front in direct combat. Not today. If I wanted to ease a nation and its people into a state of Marxism, especially a nation that fought communist ideology successfully for over 70 years, the fastest way to enslave them would be through massive, debt financed spending – especially spending that produces nothing and the generational taxes that would have to exist to pay the bill.

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