Fed Up with ‘Middle Class’

“The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.” The preceding might sound like the Democratic Party platform, but, in reality, it is the lead sentence from the Communist Manifesto. It is rather ironic that a movement for social change, i.e. communism, which embraces the utopian concept of a classless, borderless society, is so deeply steeped in class rhetoric and class warfare. As a matter of fact, at least in my opinion, communism would cease to be communism without the eternal class struggle called for in the Communist Manifesto–namely, the Bourgeoisie (the “rich”) versus the Proletariat (the “poor”).

We hear over and over again from Obama and crew the tiresome refrain “the rich are not paying their fair share.”  We also hear Obama constantly make the claim he is “fighting for the middle class.” I’m not sure how that works, considering many middle class families have seen their median income drop by some $4,000 on Obama’s watch–some $333 less per month. Additionally, with the full implementation of Obamacare, the “middle class” can plan on paying a couple of thousand dollars extra in taxes per year to help fund Obamacare. Add high gas and food prices to the mix, and you have what could be called a “War on the Middle Class” perpetrated by Obama and the Democrats.

It is utterly preposterous to claim the so-called “rich” are not paying their fair share, when, in fact, the rich are paying the biggest share of all! The progressive income tax scheme (Sixteenth Amendment), allegedly ratified in 1913, is the most unfair tax of all–the more you make the more they take. Progressive taxation discourages the accumulation of wealth; it is designed to punish prosperity and increase revenue for the federal government. One of the major planks of the Communist Manifesto is the call for a “heavy progressive or graduated income tax.”

Worth noting: if the “middle class” is getting slammed by Obama’s economic policies, what about the “lower class”? One hears practically nothing from Obama and the Democrats about the plight of the poor. But why would you? Is it not the failed economic policies of the Left and their war on prosperity that has swelled the ranks of the poor? Anyone who considers food stamps and unemployment benefits as prosperity for the poor has a truly dark agenda–slavery to the state. Thomas Jefferson might have said it best: “A government big enough to give you everything you need, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.”

We have allowed the Democrats to drive this god-awful class narrative for way too long. Many on the Right play right along. The middle class is not a faceless, nameless group of people; they are not all the same; they do not walk lockstep as one giant monolithic mass. People are not classes; they are individuals–something the Left seems to eschew. Despising the individual is like cutting your nose off to spite your own face. You are an individual whether you like it or not. Trying to lump individuals into groups and classes is not going to change that simple fact.

For those who cringe and squirm when they hear the accusation Barack Hussein Obama is an ardent Marxist, ask yourself this: what part of the Communist Manifesto does Obama and the Democrats reject? Does Obama have more in common with James Madison or Karl Marx? It seems like the answer is a no-brainer, if you ask me.

Communism in practice requires deception and coercion. If one were to tell a nation’s populace that the prerequisite for creating a classless, borderless (trans-national) “workers’ paradise” would be to confiscate all private property, nationalize all business and industry, abolish the rights to inheritance, centralize all credit (cf. Federal Reserve), etc., I doubt any sane-thinking individual would want anything to do with it, thus the Left’s disdain for the individual and their love for all things class struggle. Yeah, I guess you could say I’m fed up with “middle class.”

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