Debating the Debate

“Cowardice” is the only word I have for Obama’s recent comments on the campaign trail. Obama is now accusing Mitt Romney of  lying throughout the first presidential debate, claiming it was not the “real Mitt Romney.” (Hologram, perhaps?) Romney came to the debate armed with facts, which left Obama befuddled and confused–apparently unable to provide a convincing rebuttal. If Romney was allegedly lying throughout the debate, then why didn’t Obama call him on it when he had the chance? It was a golden opportunity for the president to expose Romney for these alleged fabrications, yet he failed to do so–miserably, I might add. The fact of the matter is Obama had no rebuttal to the facts! Now, like a true coward, Obama and the sycophants of the liberal media are hurling allegations that Mitt lied.



I believe Obama and his media minions live in a bubble world; whereby, they only hear the latest leftist memes and begin to believe their own carefully-crafted distortions and outright lies. Many times, the liberal media seems shocked and dismayed that there might be other opinions and facts that run contrary to their own. Additionally, the mainstream media is wont to demonize, marginalize, personalize and polarize their political foes–to the point where they make their opponents into caricatures. When required to confront their enemies face-to-face, the MSM is forced into the uncomfortable position that the people they have tried so desperately to marginalize as “idiots,” “racists,” “felons,” and the like, are actually real human beings who aren’t so “stupid” and “evil” after all. Apparently the MSM will never learn to not underestimate their opponents.

During the debate, Obama tried no less than three times to claim that Romney would cut $5 trillion in taxes. In fact, they aren’t tax cuts at all; they are tax rates. Romney proposes to reduce income tax rates by 20 percent and eliminate the estate tax and the alternative minimum tax, according to Calvin Woodward of the Associated Press. Just like the alleged “Bush tax cuts”–which, in reality, were the freezing of tax rates–Obama and his minions claim freezing or lowering tax rates is a tax cut; they base their numbers on the loss of revenue that would be generated by raising tax rates. The real narrative is that Obama and the Democrats want to dramatically raise tax rates, especially on those who are already paying the highest progressive tax rate of all–the wealthy.

Romney called out Obama on his false $5 trillion claim, saying he has five boys (which the Left now absurdly asserts was a “racist comment“) and realizes that just because you keep saying something is true does not make it true. There are some classic leftist tactics being employed here: 1) The Big Lie–meaning: a deliberate gross distortion of the facts repeated over and over again for propaganda purposes, even at the risk of looking ridiculous; 2) always accuse the enemy of the very same crimes they themselves are committing.

Let’s face it: Obama lost big time. Immediately following the debate, many liberal talking heads complained Obama seemed “tired,” “listless”–even “constipated.” It appeared to many as if Barack didn’t even want to be there. Of course, some liberal journalists tried to slough off the lackluster performance of Obama by claiming the presidential debates hold little sway over the electorate, despite the fact these same journalists claimed the debate was a make-or-break moment for Mitt Romney.

Romney nailed Obama on a number of issues–such as the $716 billion that will be cut from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. Obama et ilk have claimed that the Republicans will end Medicare as we know it, when, in fact, it is Obama and the Democrats who are poised to destroy Medicare. Additionally, Obama was called out on his $90 billion of subsidies to failed “green energy” companies. Romney stated that Obama “doesn’t just pick winners and losers, he picks losers.” It was a very pleasant surprise for this conservative to see Romney come out swinging and not allow the narrative to be driven by the liberal media and Barack Obama. I have no doubt this greatly agitated the president, since he is not used to somebody getting in his face (although he’s quite fond of it himself)–long overdue, in my opinion.

What really has come to the forefront lately is the blatant complicity of the mainstream media to further the cause of progressive, liberal politics. Lately, while flipping through TV channels, I noticed MSNBC was airing wall-to-wall-bash-Romney segments night and day. It was as if there was no other news in the world to report. These are the same folks who insist they are objective journalists. Nothing could be farther from the truth. MSNBC and the like are engaged in political advocacy masquerading as journalism. There is no semblance of fairness or objectivity in their reporting. The MSM has become the de facto campaign and propaganda arm of the Democrats–hardly what I would call a free press as described in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. We have seen examples of the Justice Department colluding with progressive entities like the Soros-funded Media Matters, and examples of MSNBC taking their talking points straight from the White House, as well.

Right on cue, the MSM is crying racism, accusing Romney of being overly aggressive and … wait for it … mean-spirited (snicker). The tiresome refrain that anyone who disagrees with Barack Hussein Obama never grows stale for the denizens of the Left. As a matter of fact, lefties would accuse me of being a “racist” for including Obama’s middle name in this paragraph (still not sure how that works). It’s a pathetic excuse to try and deflect from reality.

The meltdown that is occurring on the progressive side of the aisle following the debate is priceless. MSNBC’s Chris “Tingles” Matthews utterly lost it following the debate, insisting Obama should’ve been watching MSNBC for talking points. No vanity there, huh? I suppose “Tingles” still wants us to believe that he is engaging in objective journalism? Conversely, David Axelrod took Matthews to task for criticizing Obama’s debate performance, effectively throwing one of Obama’s biggest cheerleaders under the bus.

Ironically, top White House advisor David Plouffe blames the media for Obama’s debate failure. But the fun doesn’t end there. Al Gore theorized Obama’s poor performance was due to Colorado’s high altitude. The DNC is now airing an ad calling Romney “rude and unbearable.” Apparently the Left finds facts and figures that they cannot counter as “rude and unbearable.” Talking about flailing wildly!

The next debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney–which will cover world affairs and foreign policy–will occur in a town hall setting moderated by CNN’s Candy Crowley. Some pundits are postulating this sort of forum favors Obama, citing possible liberal plants in the audience. Well, two can play that game. If the Obama Administration and the MSM are going to resort to planting questions, there’s no reason why the Romney camp can’t do  the same thing. Besides, if the Left thought the grilling Romney gave Obama on the economy was bad, just wait until the subject of Obama’s failed foreign policy is brought up, especially  considering the recent embassy attacks in the Middle East and the death of our ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya. It just might get even more “rude and unbearable” for Obama and the progressive Left.


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