Ignorance Is Bliss … Until You’re Being Beheaded (Part 3)

Sharia for America …

Even as I am writing this series, (“Ignorance is Bliss … Until You’re Being Beheaded”), the atrocities of Islam continue to mount. The barbarity of Islam is something that most Westerners simply cannot fathom; and I think that is another reason they refuse to confront it.  Reuters is reporting a Christian girl was arrested under Pakistan’s controversial anti-blasphemy law, which means arrest for anyone suspected of causing offense to Islam. The girl may soon be acquitted, though, following the detention of a Muslim cleric on suspicion of planting evidence to frame her. However, Rimsha Masih, whose arrest last month outraged religious and secular groups everywhere, could be in more danger upon her release from jail when she returns to her village. Convictions of the crime are frequent and most convictions are thrown out on appeal. The death sentence has never been carried out, but angry mobs have taken the law into their own hands–killing many people accused of blasphemy. Some of Rimsha Masih’s Muslim neighbors are still insisting she be punished, claiming that the detained Imam was a victim.

“Pour petrol and burn these Christians,” said Iqbal Bibi, 74, defending the accused Imam from the steps of the mosque where he preaches in Masih’s impoverished village of Mehr Jaffer. “The cleric of the mosque has been oppressed. He is not at fault. He is innocent.”

This situation begs many questions. One of which is what kind of a man would “plant” evidence in order to frame a little girl? How does a little girl victimize an Imam from prison?  But the greater issue is the question of the law itself. Look at this situation and ask yourself if this what you want to be subjugated to. if you decide to allow Sharia legitimacy on our courts. So all you’ll have to do is offend someone and you’re gonna end up with legal fees, because you’re an infidel and you did something–you don’t even know what–and it pissed some poor Muslim off! We’re Americans! We piss each other off every day! It’s okay. We can let bygones be bygones and work for an alternative in the form of liberty within the limitations set forth in our Founding Documents.

You are not supposed to make your problems other people’s problems, okay?

Sharia is an imposition of Islam upon us! They are saying that we have to make their problems our problems; and, if we refuse, then we’re already guilty of “blasphemy against Allah”–in their eyes anyway. Now I have made it clear that I am a Christian. I don’t mind it if you’re Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, or whatever. But you DO NOT get to move here to America and with your own set of rules that you brought with you and start telling us what we’re gonna do! We don’t have to like each other; we have to live together. NOBODY GETS SPECIAL RULES! (I know we have some corruption issues.) Now, if you are Muslim, and you don’t want Sharia either, then we sure would enjoy hearing from you! I understand the implications, though–criticism from your fellow Muslims. But you cannot criticize me for defending my own. My invitation here is a two-way street, and I’m not doing all the walking–you have to come to my side of the street, too. However, as you watch the following video, I don’t know if there is much hope for mutual respect.

America is made up of many cultures. There are still many large cities with ethnic neighborhoods and areas; they never got any “special rules.” The Irish, Germans, Italians, Chinese, Japanese, Latinos and Greeks all had distinct real estate in our urban centers as they immigrated to America, but they assimilated. They became Americans; they were Americans first and German or Italian–or whatever–second.

The idea that we need to bring this theocratic culture’s legal issues–Sharia Law–into our courts and award them legitimacy is nauseatingly preposterous!

But wait … Sharia is already here!

What Muslims do in their religious affairs should not be given “special conditions” that place added burden and impose on us? If they are going to live in America, then American law is going to rule the day! Do we do this for any other religious group or minority? I don’t see and Protestant Zones or Episcopalian-controlled areas. But give it time, I guess? I am talking about a delineated area with an alternative set of legal obligations that supersedes the laws of our Constitutional Republic.

“I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”
– Barack Obama

Arab Festival 2009 – Sharia in the US *Must See*

Welcome to ShariaTube

Shariamerica: Islam, Obama, and the Establishment Clause

Now, if you are Muslim reading this, it probably won’t sink in, but you would be wise to understand that Americans are a charitable and hospitable people. But don’t take advantage of us; do not underestimate our resolve. Your rights are no more important than ours, regardless of the what is written in the Qur’an. The superiority you have been taught to believe is yours alone; it is fiction. This country’s law is not religious based; this is not a theocracy and you cannot erect one in the middle of our Republic!

You can, however, consider the idea that, maybe, just maybe, you are wrong about Americans. You might give some thought to the idea that maybe the Qur’an is not perfect and that Islam may not be all that it was promised to be. You might find a friend in someone you’ve been told was your enemy–and we’re not inferior!

This is America, our choice of worship is NOT subject to your approval!

Three Stages of Jihad

More Muslim on Muslim atrocities are committed on children in Afghanistan, where Reuters reports a 12 year old boy and a 6 year old girl were beheaded in separate incidents. Regardless, the Muslim brotherhood, CAIR and ISNA are obsessed with trying to convince the West that only Islamophobic racists and bigots could ever be alarmed by the spread of Islam and the implications of Sharia.

More examples of the preferential treatment of Islam:

Egypt Sentences Christian Student Gamal Abdou Massoud to Three Years in Jail for Insulting Islam

U.S. Department of Defense Unveils New Quran Sensitivity Training Program

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Sharia Alert: BBC Director Mark Thompson Admits That Network Treats Islam with More Sensitivity Than Christianity

Sharia Alert: Pennsylvania Judge Dismisses Charges against Muslim Who Assaulted Atheist

My purpose for writing this is to ask Muslims to search their hearts and ask themselves if they can truly accept the violence that is appropriated in the Qur’an.

Part 4 to follow soon …


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