Fundamental Transformation: Dhimmitude for America

Relegating the United States to a diminished status among the nations of the world appears to be Barack Hussein Obama’s definition of “fundamental transformation.” The reaction and response by the current administration to the recent murder of our ambassador and three other Americans at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi is shocking. Instead of coming out and strongly condemning the violence and rage being directed at U.S. diplomats and citizens around the globe, the Obama Administration has doubled-down on blaming an obscure video for all the unrest occurring in the Muslim world.

Think about that for a moment … the Obama Administration is more offended and outraged by a silly little video depicting Islam’s prophet Muhammad in an unfavorable light than they are of the brutal murder and torture of U.S. citizens, and the attack on U.S. sovereignty. By literally adopting the narrative of the Islamists, the administration is submitting the U.S. to dhimmitude status.

The term dhimmitude in Islam refers to those who are not Muslims but are allowed to live within an Islamic society as a dhimmi–a second-class citizen who is forced to pay the jizyah poll tax as a mark of submission to Islam. There are many rules for dhimmis within an Islamic society–all designed to remind the non-Muslim of their lowliness and humiliating social status. Many eventually convert to Islam in order to avoid the humiliation and oppression of living as a dhimmi in a strict Islamic society.

For all intents and purposes, the $1.5 billion worth of aid being sent to Egypt by the United States to help fund the Morsi government is, in effect, a jizyah poll tax. To the Islamists of the world, all this apologizing and appeasement toward our sworn enemies amounts to nothing more than complete submission–an acceptance of America’s dhimmitude status.

Our president’s insistence on adopting the Islamist narrative of blaming a film for the recent chaos and excusing the violence directed at Americans, by stating that such atrocious behavior is a “natural reaction” to having one’s religion portrayed in an unfavorable manner, is beyond deplorable; it is scandalous; it truly borders on sedition, in my opinion. As a matter of fact, the Obama Administration has spent some $70,000 of American taxpayer money to produce an ad for Pakistani television apologizing for the “blasphemous” video.

But, as I have witnessed over and over again with Obama, he is doubling-down on blaming an amateur-made video as the sole cause for all the unrest–never mind the fact it contradicts members of his own administration. It’s no coincidence that Obama sent out UN ambassador Susan Rice to appear on no less than five Sunday talk shows on September 16 to pump the meme that the video is the primary catalyst for all the anti-American sentiment in the Muslim world today. The choice of Rice is noteworthy  since Obama signed off on the UN’s Blasphemy Law. Apparently, “universal free speech” trumps the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

UN ambassador Susan Rice making the Sunday Talk Show rounds.

Remember, Obama violated the War Powers Act by not acquiring the necessary congressional resolution to go to war in Libya in the first place–an impeachable offense. Obama justified his unconstitutional actions by citing a UN resolution, thereby ceding national sovereignty over to the United Nations. The fact that Obama may be trying to subject the United States to the UN’s Blasphemy Law should come as no surprise to anyone; but it should outrage every American, for it is a direct assault on the First Amendment and free speech.

Unfortunately, as far as the Obama Administration is concerned, the shaky narrative is falling apart. Too many government officials and security experts are contradicting Obama’s claim the protests were spontaneous outbursts–whose sole impetus was a video offensive to Muslims. CNN reports:

A source familiar with Stevens’ thinking told CNN earlier this week that, in the months leading up to his death, the late ambassador [Chris Stevens] worried about what he called the security threats in Benghazi and a rise in Islamic extremism.

Stephen Hayes wrote at the National Weekly Standard that the facts are on the ground are not supporting the administration’s claim the protests and subsequent attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi were not preplanned:

The nature of the attack itself, a four-hour battle that took place in two waves, indicated some level of planning. “The idea that this criminal and cowardly act was a spontaneous protest that just spun out of control is completely unfounded and preposterous,” Libyan president Mohammad el-Megarif told National Public Radio. When a reporter asked Senator Carl Levin, one of the most partisan Democrats in the upper chamber, if the attack was planned, Levin said it was. “I think there’s evidence of that. There’s been evidence of that,” he responded, adding: “The attack looked like it was planned and premeditated, sure.” Levin made his comments after a briefing from Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

Now, just imagine you’re one of the terrorists who participated in the attack on the U.S. Consulate … you’ve tortured and killed a nation’s ambassador and three of its citizens. But, much to your delight, the nation you have declared war against starts running an ad in your language apologizing for offending you, despite the fact that you just killed four of their citizens. If that’s not America capitulating to dhimmitude, I don’t know what is.

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