Obama’s War on Prosperity

Obama has literally declared war on the middle-class by threatening massive new tax hikes on all Americans (progressive stalwart Bill Bradley is all for it too).

ABC News is reporting some 900,000 small businesses will be effected by Obama’s obsession with raising taxes on those making over 250K per year. This will hit small businesses especially hard on their individual returns.

Additionally, Obama is laying 75% off all costs for Obamacare on the backs of the middle-class via taxes on those making less the 125K per year! Obama is going mad with taxation. Oh, and I didn’t even mention the so-called “1%”–who Obama just loves to demonize and bully into submission.

Barry Obama extended the Bush “tax cuts” for political expediency in 2010, but now he’s threatening to raise tax rates on those making over 250K per year, while keeping tax rates the same for those making under 250K per year.

But, as has been mentioned, those making under 250K per year will be straddled with the majority of costs for the disastrous and liberty-stealing legislation known as Obamacare–which will itself add over $1.7 trillion to the national debt over the next ten years. It will also result in a massive increase in federal deficit spending–guaranteed (see TRP for details).

Obama’s only solution to sustain this massive government spending is to tax the so-called rich. The problem is even if you tax at a rate of 100% on the “1%” it wouldn’t even put a dent into our current federal deficit, let alone the staggering national debt.

No, it’s looking to me like the Obama Administration is hellbent on destroying the capitalist, free-market system in the United States of America.

I’m sorry (NOT!), how is it this president is not considered a domestic enemy of the United States? He has broken his sacred oath to defend the general welfare of the nation. Instead, our vaunted dear leader has interpreted general welfare as welfare for the masses in general.

Don’t think for a minute Obama is stupid! I don’t buy that for a minute. He is utterly diabolical, in my opinion. His actions belie one who is preserving the law of the land–the U.S. Constitution–but rather one who is ideologically driven to usurp the law of the land and “fundamentally transform” the nation into a twisted socialist-style, trans-national commune–a constitutional republic so dissipated from its founding that it will cease to exist!

2010 GDP for the United States: $14,720,000,000,000.00

2012 National Debt: $15,876,652,312,551.29

Our national debt now surpasses the 2010 gross domestic product (GDP) of the entire U.S. economy!

Flashback …

When I was studying advanced object-oriented programming in college, we were required to do what is called “algorithm analysis” on our code (cf. Big O Notation). Not being the greatest mathematician, it was one of those exercises that hurt my head, but it was an important concept to grasp in order for software code to perform efficiently for the task it is required to do. In my introduction to Discrete Mathematics, I learned to appreciate large numbers like a billion or a trillion–and beyond! For I learned that there are “greater infinities.” Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

For example, if I take the number ten to the power of ten (1010) and multiply the product by two (x2), in a perpetual series, that would be one example of an infinite series. Specifically, this is a type of math by induction (“extrapolation,” so to speak)–which goes way beyond the scope of this article (not to mention my expertise).

Now, if I let the letter N represent any number, and I calculate N to the N to the N–meaning N to the power of N to the power of N–and multiply by two (x2), in an infinite series, like the previous example, you will find the increments to be vastly greater–a greater infinity!

This all reminds me of our national debt. It’s like the debt has become a type of N to the N to the N equation where the increase in time-complexity continues to a point where the increase goes from a steady linear increase to an exponential increase.

Linear, logarithmic and exponential growth expressed as a “function of x.”

The graph above represents the concept of greater infinities (time-complexity). The red line represents a linear growth; it increases in a steady, linear fashion. The blue line represents cubic increase–which increases linearly at first and then begins to increase logarithmically. The green line represents exponential growth; it starts off linear then begins to increase dramatically to almost a vertical line–straight up into infinity … quick!

The reason this is so important to understand in software engineering is you want to avoid exponential increases in time-complexity (“bottlenecks”) when crafting complex algorithms.

Well, it appears to me that the entire tax scheme and federal spending has turned into one giant bottleneck of N to the N to the N spending. The solution should be obvious …


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