Pigs, Schmucks and Marx: The Dictatorship of the Professorial

For some, the mere mention of Marxism or communism makes them cringe, not because they are appalled by the awful crimes and abuses of communistic regimes, but rather they are simply appalled by the mention of communism. A common refrain heard often in my life: “Oh, come on! Commies under every tree, huh? Yeah, right!”

Well, let’s just start with the present and the obvious: let’s take a look at the word “community.” Pretty close to “commune,” huh? Anybody remember the Storming of the Bastille? The French Commune? Yeah, it’s called “communism.” For crying out loud, you can look at the word origins and figure that out. It shouldn’t be such a stretch for you doubting Thomases out there. The etymological origins of the word “communism” are rather murky–just like the whole concept of communism itself (emphasis mine):

“‘Communism’ is a word with a strange story. It is very difficult to rigorously trace its origin. Nevertheless, it is sure that the word ‘communist’ existed already in the XIVth century, with the meaning of ‘people having in common a property belonging to the category of [main morte] – that is, not being submitted to the law of heritage’: a monastery belongs to the community of the Monks, which is, as community, independent from the individuals. It seems that at the same time and even before, from the XIIth century, the same word designated some aspects of communal law and was linked to the communal movement which expanded as the beginning of a bourgeoisie.”

Jean-Luc Nancy

It’s right in front of your face; hence, the Left’s constant drumbeat regarding community. We’ll all be the same … it’s all about sameness when it comes to the Progressive Left in this country. When Obama et ilk talk about “leveling the playing field,” equality, fairness, etc., they are really just preaching sameness. Hardly what I call “diversity.” But “diversity,” in the Marxian socialist context, is required for conflict; and it is wholly different from the true definition of diversity. It’s ironic that too much diversity introduced into an equation leads to conflict, and ultimately sameness. It’s just a muddying of the waters which produces the same muddy color everywhere–typically, olive drab with spots of red.

So, Mr/Mrs. Skeptic, you don’t really believe Marxism has seeped into American culture in a way you can’t even begin to imagine? Well, many of you out there send your children to college. Listen to the so-called academician below. In my opinion, it is a classic example of the professor assuming the “change agent” role, i.e. group facilitator, to indoctrinate–even intimidate–the students to accept socialism, and eventually communism. Remember, communism is a “movement for social change.”

The Blaze: Professor’s Appalling Rant to Students: Cops Are ‘Piggish,‘ Conservatives Are ’Schmucks,‘ America is ’Perverse Place,‘ Need To Revisit ’Useful’ Marxist Concepts

The professor’s comments are a pristine example of Cultural Marxism in practice, i.e. Political Correctness. In my earlier article entitled “Cultural Homicide,” I wrote about one of the radical Left’s heroes–Herbert Marcuse.

In 1932, Herbert Marcuse joined the Frankfurt School (formerly the Institute for Marxism) and soon became the most important and influential figure for the development of “Political Correctness.”  It was Marcuse who would finally translate the theories of the Frankfurt School from economic to cultural terms. In the 1960’s, it was Marcuse who provided a substitute for the working class–”the youth.”

“The West is guilty of genocidal crimes against every civilization and culture it has encountered. American and Western Civilization are the world’s greatest repositories of racism, sexism, nativism, xenophobia, antisemitism, fascism, and narcissism. American society is oppressive, evil, and undeserving of loyalty.”

–Herbert Marcuse

It’s ironic that our ardent Marxist professor of anthropology at Penn (see video) is named Philippe Bourgois. Awful close to Bourgeoisie, huh! Oh, but I digress, once again … Professor Bourgois could have used Marcuse’s quote verbatim. It would have saved him some time. Bourgois’ comments are hardly uncommon in our higher institutions of learning–no, quite the contrary–they are the norm! The professor’s views on America and its institutions is held in great contempt, as is anyone who may dare to take exception to those views.

Despite all the destruction, death and misery that Marxian socialism has wreaked on the world–not to mention the national socialism of the Nazi Party–this professor of alleged higher learning is utterly enraptured by the failures and crimes of the past. It is unconscionable. It is wicked. It is the “Dictatorship of the Professorial.”

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