Last Bastion for Climate Dissenters?

In a recent article by in the NY Times, entitled “Clouds’ Effect on Climate Change Is Last Bastion for Dissenters,” Gillis claims:

 “For decades, a small group of scientific dissenters has been trying to shoot holes in the prevailing science of climate change, offering one reason after another why the outlook simply must be wrong.”

This is isn’t journalism; this is advocacy. This is an effort to imply that climate crisis critics are all out of arguments, and that this silly claim concerning water vapor is the only card we have left to play. In fact, those of us who refute man-made global warming are holding a royal flush – water vapor is the primary thermal distributor of our atmosphere!

Who decided that the science of “climate change” is prevailing?  Notice that the implication is that it is a small group of “scientific dissenters” (people who don’t believe in science) who are doing the hole shooting. We do believe in science, just not junk science. No, Mr.Gillis, they are not “scientific dissenters,” they are scientists and people like myself who have studied the issue very closely, and are, in-fact, applying true deductive reasoning to the concept. The climate crisis criers have a self-importance that is utterly insulting, and they cannot believe that anyone would question their superior thought processes. There is an ulterior motive in their madness. I recently wrote the following in an essay entitled Kool-Aid, Cover-up, Chromosomes and the Cooling Earth:

“A very long time before George W. Bush destroyed the world, as you liberals imagined it, the Earth was much warmer than it is today; it has been much colder as well. Scientists have been studying our recent geologic past and are gaining a greater understanding of the Earth’s dynamic and cyclical climate patterns. These alternating extremes of temperature drove the advance and retreat of the Pleistocene glaciations beginning about one million years ago. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but that was 999,500 years before man started using fire in any quantity – the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. So, if the climate alarmist’s claims of man-made CO2 driving the temperature higher are true, then who had an industrial revolution a million years ago?

I do not accept the tainted, Kool-aid premise that CO2 has the properties to validate the climate alarmist’s argument. The Earth’s atmosphere is 0.038% CO2 and man-made CO2 is 0.00122%. There is not enough of it in the atmosphere and it does behave in the manner required to have the alleged effects and catastrophic destruction predicted. No, CO2 is not the villain. The real greenhouse gas–Earth’s thermal distributor–is water vapor.

You must take water vapor (clouds) into account if you’re going to consider a climate model. The computer models used to forecast future warming do not corroborate the known past when run backwards! Nor do they account for the effects of water vapor. […]”

There are legitimate reasons many scientists and people with common sense do not believe that man-made global warming is occurring or that it is a problem. The primary argument against the warming premise is that carbon dioxide (CO2) does not behave in the manner suggested by warmists, and is NOT “trapping heat” in our atmosphere as they claim. These climate models they swear by do not take water into account–which is amazing considering that majority of earth’s surface is covered by water. Other reasons include the obvious zealotry these climate criers display: their dismissal of any true debate, the exposure of the East Anglia Emails, and other scurrilous manipulations of the data.

The climate crisis is made up; it is fiction. This whole ridiculous concept has been ginned up out of thin air for the purpose of separating you from your wallet and your freedom. You do not have to be scientist to understand this; all you need is a modicum of common sense. The earth has been here for a much longer time than mankind. It has been much warmer and much colder in the past than our present conditions. What could have caused those cyclical changes then? Volcanic activity, solar cycles, earth’s astronomical position and Milankovitch cycles (earth’s wobble and differences in the Earth’s orbit) all combined to warm and cool the earth’s climate during the recent Pleistocene. These cyclical phenomenon continue today.

Even after the fraud of the East Anglia emails was exposed, we still have the UN trying to force this lie upon the Western Hemisphere and the Democrats are going right along with them. Even in the obvious face of failure and scandal (Solyndra), the president is still promoting “green energy.” It is just another method by which they will extort more money from us while simultaneously crippling our industrial output. Politics is driving this and why is it that it is only the United States that is required to reduce their emissions when we have already done more to clean up our gas emissions than any other country in the world?

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ATI vs UVA (University of Virginia) re Climategate emails

(Published on Apr 24, 2012 by )

ATI’s Freedom of Information lawsuit on behalf of Virginia taxpayers is headed to the Virginia Supreme Court. This video gives the context and a brief history of Climategate and its relation to Michael Mann while at the University of Virginia.

In light of the revelations of Climategate 1 and 2 (in 2009 and 2011) where scientists, including Michael Mann at the University of Virginia (UVA), were seen to be conspiring to alter data to fit their hypotheses, the American Tradition Institute (ATI) argues that Michael Mann’s emails regarding the research he was doing at UVA should be made public.

ATI argues that research which has already been published and is being used as a basis for formulating public policy, and was taxpayer funded at a public university should be open to public scrutiny. Michael Mann and UVA argue that email correspondence on UVA accounts between Michael Mann and other scientists while working on the research is private and covered by academic freedom. ATI counters that there was no expectation of privacy that UVA is expressly covered under the FOIA act in Virginia.

Rob Schiling, WINA radio, points out that UVA has previously fired an employee for using university email accounts for private email and this is a taxpayer freedom issue.

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Charlton Heston on Global Climate Change

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Earth’s history in the last 600 million years


The last bastion of freedom is what is under attack!

Those like myself are said to be “intolerant” because we do not accept the obviously flawed arguments that claim “the science is settled”… The science is not settled! I am tired of being lied to and called an “extremist” when there is nothing extreme or intolerant about what I believe! We have every right to question and examine their data, findings and contentions, because we, as taxpayers, are funding their research. Yet these people believe they are above reproach; and they arrogantly deny our ability to comprehend their “undeniable conclusions.” However, their motives, methods and assertions are suspect. It is the grant money that they trying to preserve and their intention to find a way to bilk us out of more money and cripple our economic competitiveness. Stand up to these people because they are the ones who are in denial. Even the late George Carlin had a realistic perspective concerning “saving the planet.”

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George Carlin – Saving the Planet

(warning – strong language)

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