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Sometimes I read something that makes me so angry I can barely restrain my rage. Brett Kimberlin would be one of those “somethings.”

Who is Brett Kimberlin? Well, he’s known as the “Speedway Bomber.” In 1978, Kimberlin, a local drug dealer and the son of a wealthy attorney, embarked on a reign of terror–setting off eight bombs in Speedway, Indiana. The motives are bit murky as to why Kimberlin did this, but it may have something to do with the murder of Julia Scyphers. The Indianapolis Star newspaper reported:

“On July 29, 1978, Speedway resident Julia Scyphers, 65, answered a knock at her door. A man she didn’t know was standing on her stoop asking about items she’d recently tried to sell at a yard sale. She let him into the garage to look at the items and he shot her in the head.

Mrs. Scypher’s husband, Fred, 68, heard the bang and came out in time to see a car pulling out of the driveway. He would later tell police he’d gotten a glimpse of the man who’d come to the door.

When police began looking for a motive in the Scyphers slaying, they found there’d been a recent family clash. Julia Scyphers’ daughter, Sandra Barton, had become involved with a man who seemed to Mrs. Scyphers to be inordinately close to one of Barton’s young daughters. Mrs. Scyphers told friends she was so concerned that she’d arranged for both of her granddaughters to come live with her. Whether or not Mrs. Scyphers’ fears were correct (no charges were ever filed to that effect), this incident led investigators to start looking at Brett C. Kimberlin.

He was in his mid 20s, slight of build and boyish looking. He ran a vegetarian restaurant in Broad Ripple which had been featured in The Indianapolis Star two years earlier. Sandra Barton worked for him there. He also had a felony record and local narcotics police suspected the restaurant might be a front for another source of income — marijuana smuggling.

As the bombs went off during the week of Sept. 1-6, each one provided police with evidence. They found bits of the timer, including one big enough to identify the specific brand. Only one local store sold that particular timer. Police showed the store clerks several photos and one of them picked out Brett Kimberlin.[…]”

Now, as a Hoosier, who only lives a stone’s throw from Speedway, Indiana, I remember this story well. I lived here in Indianapolis in 1978. I remember the local and national news stories covering this bizarre terrorist rampage by an unhinged individual–Brett Kimberlin.

The one part of this whole saga regarding the “Speedway Bomber” that really imprinted itself into my mind  was the story of Carl DeLong. Kimberlin had manufactured a bomb and had placed it into a brown-paper bag and set the bomb on the ground at a Speedway parking lot. Mr. DeLong, a Vietnam veteran, was innocently walking along and kicked the bag lying on the ground. The bomb exploded. Carl DeLong lost his right leg as a result, and also suffered severe damage to his left leg, not to mention multiple shrapnel wounds. The Indianapolis Star newspaper reported:

“While Kimberlin was in prison, Carl DeLong committed suicide. Had his only injury been the loss of his right leg he might have adapted and moved on. But his left leg had been severely damaged too and he still carried shrapnel in his body, which kept him in constant pain as it slowly worked its way out. After 11 operations he hit a plateau physically and knew he’d never get any better than that. On Feb. 23, 1983, he closed his garage door and sat in his van with the engine running. Later that year, DeLong’s wife, Sandra (who had also been injured in the bombing), won a $1.6 million judgment against Kimberlin in civil court.[…]”

Kimberlin was eventually convicted and sentenced to 50 years in prison, but he was paroled in 1994 after only 13 years. He violated his parole by failing to make restitution on the DeLong judgement and served two more years in prison. The “Speedway Bomber” was released in 2001.

Well, it appears convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin is now terrorizing people in new ways. Michelle Malkin explains:

“Over the past year, Aaron Walker (who blogged as “Aaron Worthing”), Patterico, Liberty Chick, and now Stacy McCain have been targeted by convicted Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin because they dared to mention his criminal past or assisted others who did. The late Andrew Breitbart warned about Kimberlin and company.

I have spoken directly with both Patterico and Aaron about their ongoing battles.

The mainstream press, not just the conservative blogosphere, needs to hear and report their stories.

This is a convoluted, ongoing nightmare that combines abuse of the court system, workplace intimidation, serial invasions of privacy, perjury, and harassment of family members. McCain was forced to move with his family out of his house this week, and has just gotten a small taste of what Aaron and Patterico have been enduring over the past year. Aaron and his wife were fired from their jobs after their employer feared the office would be targeted next. Convicted bomber Kimberlin has filed bogus “peace orders” against Aaron, when it is the Walkers who are the victims, not the perpetrators.

And Patterico’s plight will send chills up your spine when he is ready to tell it.

Institutional inertia, incompetence, and apathy among law enforcement officials on both coasts have exacerbated the victims’ suffering. It has moved far beyond a partisan or political story to a bottomless, Kafka-esque morass. And, via investigative journalist Matthew Vadum, it certainly doesn’t help that “progressive,” left-wing foundations that have funded Kimberlin continue to look the other way.[…]”

Bookworm Room writes:

Kimberlin’s legal actions are not intended to protect himself against unwarranted slander from conservatives.  Instead, they are aimed at squelching free — and truthful — speech.  His theory is that, if he makes free speech too costly, using a combination of physical threats and legal costs, people will stop speaking.  He’s not alone in this belief, since he’s managed to fund his lawsuits with help from various far-left groups that are also deeply committed to ensuring that America’s First Amendment protections are reserved only for pre-approved Leftist speech.

Lee Stranahan offers the best (indeed, the only) way to respond to someone who relentlessly abuses the Free Speech rights America grants — MORE SPEECH:

This is no war of words; Kimberlin is a serial litigator who has filed over 100 lawsuits by his own account and he takes people to court, claiming they are harassing him. He calls their employers.  I stand with all these people, some of whom are my friends. I’m launching a new effort on my own that I hope will help.

The only effective way to fight Brett Kimberlin is for as many people to research and write about him as possible. 

So I’m declaring this Friday, May 25th as Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.

Here’s what you do to take part…

  1. Research Brett Kimberlin on your own. Don’t trust secondary sources; look for the orginal articles articles published about him, too.
  2. On Friday, May 25th — write an honest, factually accurate post about what you learned and what your OPINION is. Brett may try and sue you, so be accurate, factual and separate fact from opinion.
  3. The post doesn’t have to be long — ANYTHING helps.
  4. After you post, Tweet, share, whatever — get the post out there.

Kimberlin is now using the lawyering skills he obtained in prison to file frivolous lawsuits, stalk and terrorize anybody–mainly, conservative bloggers–who criticize or speak ill of him. But it doesn’t end there … it appears far-left organizations, like the Tides Foundation, are supporting Kimberlin. The Capital Research Center recently posted:

“A few short years after his release from federal prison a convicted terrorist bomber who has been embraced by the activist Left got a grant from the George Soros-funded Tides Foundation.

“Speedway Bomber” Brett Kimberlin (see mugshot above) is a director and founder of the Justice Through Music Project, a seven year old Bethesda, Maryland-based 501c3 nonprofit entity. (See its latest IRS Form 990 [tax return] here.)


Kimberlin is the business partner of leftist blogger Brad Friedman who frequently plays fast and loose with the facts. They are both involved with a group called Velvet Revolution which also receives funding from the Tides Foundation.

JTMP has received at least $70,000 in grants from the far-left Tides Foundation since 2006.  The 2006 grant in the amount of $60,000 was for general operations which means JTMP could use the funds without restriction. The 2008 grant of $10,000 was also for general operations.

Another noteworthy donor is singer and liberal activist Barbra Streisand who has given JTMP at least $10,000 through her Barbra Streisand Foundation since 2006 ($5,000 in 2006 for general operations and $5,000 in 2008 for general operations).

Yet another is Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of Sen. John Kerry (D-Massachusetts).  Mrs. Kerry is CEO of the Heinz Family Foundation which has given JTMP at least $20,000 since 2006 (the grant was earmarked for general operations).[…]”

JMTP donor Barbara "Babs" Striesand

I’m relatively new to the blogging scene–a junior member of the conservative new media, so to speak. But I, too, have been hacked, spammed, flagged, banned, threatened–you name it– by rabid ne0-progressive jerks since I started blogging in earnest about four years ago. But some of the “higher-level blogs” have really received the “treatment” from the leftist minions of chaos and hate. Teressa Monroe-Hamilton from Noisy Room describes her experience:

“In the 11 years I have been blogging, I have had numerous death threats. But they are nothing compared to what Stacey McCain at The Other McCain is going through. I have watched good friends like Michelle Malkin and other bloggers be threatened, stalked and terrorized mercilessly by the left. They have had to move multiple times, hire private security and fear for their lives and their families simply because they dared to speak the truth and fight back against Progressives. The bloggers I know are the bravest people out there and I am proud to call them friends. Being a high-profile blogger in America these days is to have a very large target on your back at all times – I have had numerous death threats, stalkers, hacks to my site and denial of service attacks. You never know what will happen next. But for those who care more for their country than their own lives, bloggers gladly walk the edge every single day with little notice, lots of scorn and risk to personal life and limb. They suffer through troll attacks, their servers being hacked (with the expense of combating that), spam and of course, death threats. Just ask S.E. Cupp. I have never seen such a wonderful person treated so horrifically. It’s barbaric and criminal.[…]”

It has been my experience–over and over again–that the Left does not debate the merits of their arguments, but instead attempts to squelch and silence anybody who opposes their hidden agenda by employing really bad behavior and mob tactics. So we will have to counter-organize our own mob. Conservatives, and others, are getting sick and tired of the infantile and unhinged behavior by many of the left-side of the political spectrum. It’s time to fight back. Like Breitbart said, “This is war!”


If I’ve left anybody out, email me.

Bloggers Standing Against Terrorism in the Blogosphere:

h/t: Noisy Room

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