URGENT: Internet Privacy at Stake … STOP CISPA NOW!

URGENT: WAM Action To Stop CISPA! Call Now!

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WAM/Wake Up America Movement

Concerns with internet takeover are no longer alarmist. The House of Representatives is voting this week to eliminate ALL Internet privacy – yes that’s your banking, emails, the works! If HR 3523/Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act (CISPA) gets enough House votes, the FED can access any of your personal online information in all forms including your email contents — with no legally filed cause nor due process.

In fact, they’ll have the support of major tech providers and telecoms to do so — with zero liability to those providers. Killing the Bill of Rights in one fell swoop! CISPA is aptly nicknamed SOPA’s “evil twin.” SOPA was only stopped because tech companies (unlike Hollywood) wouldn’t support it.

Their concern? They didn’t want liability for invasion of privacy issues. CISPA solves that corporate worry. So it is backed by Bill Gates Microsoft, AT&T, Facebook, Time Warner (the nation’s largest internet provider) plus IBM,Verizon and more. Google backs this bill, also, according to CISPA spearheading sponsor Rep. Miller, D-8, Michigan (who should never be re-elected again!) However, worst of all is the betrayal of We the People by the Republican party. 78 GOP House members (of 112) are co-sponsors (more GOP sponsors on CISPA then DEMs!) US News summed it up well. Which measure is worse – the failed SOPA (which fell after massive public protest) or CISPA? That depends on whether you want to protect the 1st amendment or the 4th (pitting privacy against free speech.) Of course, you’re smarter than that. If there is NO-right-to-privacy-CISPA— there won’t be any free speech anymore, either!

Would you expect Darryl Issa and Tea Party elected Reps to co-sponsor this Fed takeover—along with Jesse Jackson, Jr, Sheila Jackson Lee and far left Gutierriz? They are all CISPA co-sponsors! Some CISPA sponsors, shockingly, include 1st term House Reps who got elected on platforms of protecting our Constitutional rights. (See names in bold on list below)

Full information, with links below, to Call and Email Members of the House (and sample statements for quick easy follow thru) House co-sponsors GOP Backing CISPA right now, 78 of 112 CISPA co-sponsors are GOP. Call them to convince them to withdraw their support.

Priority Calls: The names in bold got elected by the Tea Party to protect the Constitution.

Call today, via Congressional switchboard. (202)224-3121. These are the House Sponsors of CISPA. Call them now!

  • AL 3 Rogers
  • AL 5 Brooks
  • AL 6 Bachus
  • AR 1 Crawford
  • AZ 2 Frelinghuysen
  • AZ 3 Quayle
  • CA 21 Nunes
  • CA 25 McKeon
  • CA 42 Miller
  • CA 44 Calvert
  • CA 45 BonoMack
  • CA 49 Issa
  • CA 50 Bilbray
  • CO 5 Lamborn
  • CO 6 Coffman
  • FL 1 Miller
  • FL 16 Rooney
  • FL 19 Ros-Lehtinen
  • GA 3 Westmoreland
  • GA 7 Woodall
  • GA 10 Broun
  • GA 11 Gingrey
  • IL 11 Kinzinger
  • IL 14 Hultrgren
  • IL 18 Schock
  • IL 19 Shimkus
  • KS 3 Yoder
  • KS 4 Pompeo
  • KY 4 Davis
  • KY 2 Guthrie
  • LA 1 Scalise
  • MD 6 Bartlett
  • MI 1 Benishek
  • MI 2 Kline
  • MI 4 Camp
  • NV 2 Amodei
  • NV 3 Heck
  • NJ 2 LoBiondo
  • NJ 3 Runyan
  • NY 3 King
  • NY 13 Grimm
  • OH 3 Turner
  • OH 5 Latta
  • OH 6 Johnson
  • OH 7 Austria
  • OH 15 Stivers
  • OK 1 Sullivan
  • OR 2 Walden
  • OK 4 Cole
  • PA 16 Pitts
  • PA 9 Shuster
  • SC 2 Wilson
  • SC 5 Mulvaney
  • SD Noem
  • TN 1 Roe
  • TN 3 Fleischmann
  • TN 7 Blackburn
  • TX 4 Hall
  • TX 11 Conway
  • TX 22 Olson
  • TX 26 Burgess
  • TX 31 Carter
  • VA 1 Wittman
  • VA 4 Forbes
  • VA 5 Hurt
  • VA 6 Goodlatte
  • VA 9 Griffith

NOTE: You do not need to live in the state to call. Just ask for the Representative by name to reach their office and protest their CISPA speech.

(sample statement here)
“I and other concerned citizens I network with are totally opposed to HR 3523 CISPA. It usurps our right to privacy and by doing so also threatens our free speech as Americans. If you sponsor and/or vote for this CISPA bill I will not vote for you and will not contribute to your campaign for reelection. This vote would show contempt for our Bill of Rights, no matter how you disguise or excuse it.”

Please send WAM your feedback from your CISPA calls to Congress and we’ll report it: wamtoday@wamaction.info

Who stands against FED internet takeover? Few, so far, because money talks & exposure is low.

For those of US who thought the GOP was on our side, this is a sad wake-up call. First the end of private patent protections; then the NDAA (to permanently lock up Americans without due process and its Federalization of governors & state military/police personnel) and NOW: the FED right to spy on our every move — carte blanche — with help from their corporate friends.

CISPA Summary links:

Tell Congress this is NOT job we hired them for. Vote No!

Shredding The Bill of Rights. This monstrous bill is being moved under cover with no mainstream media attention – unlike SOPA. So, it is entirely up to We The People to SPREAD THE WORD of the imminent end of the free world as we have known it (no exaggeration there).

GOP House sponsor GOP Rep Miller of Michigan, responsible for this travesty, sounds as scarily arrogant as Harry Reid. When asked about public push-back against this anti-Constitutional elimination of the RIGHT TO PRIVACY—across the entire INTERNET, he wasn’t worried a a bit, describing citizen objections as just a little “turbulence on the way to a smooth landing.” See here.

The DHS dramatizes the “urgency” of FED NET Takeover to convince the Senate to pass CISPA — while Obama “pretends” he is opposed to it. See here. This exercise is propaganda. Sadly this bill can fly through the Senate — despite the fact that testimony shows that “overreaching security laws will do little to solve the problems at hand.” So we MUST stop CISPA this week in the House of Representatives.

Contact Congress now! Congressional Switchboard Number: (202) 224-3121 (You can use this number to reach officials outside of your district.)

Call Michelle Bachman – (202) 225- 2331

What is this leader of the TP Caucus thinking. There are big DEM $$ aimed to defeat her in November – She needs to hear her co-sponsorship of this bill will lose all Tea Party credibility and support!

Guess what state has the most total CISPA sponsors? California. 1 of 50 states has 10% of sponsors (of both parties) Why? To protect Hollywood, not We the People.

EMAIL Congress Now – Click this LINK to write your Representative Now.

Here’s a quick email sample protest to click copy and send or write your own email protest now:

“If you sponsor and/or vote for CISPA – as my representative – I can no longer trust you nor vote for you nor support your campaign!”

ALTERNATE: POPVOX is a new means of reaching Congress and reacting to pending legislation. We can’t yet say how effective it is. But if you’d like to sign up there to express yourself that way (and also see their Tracker of public opinion on bills) go here to sign in and enter your opposition to CISPA and then track the bill: www.popvox.com. Check this graphic out, for a poster of the dangers of CISPA.

h/t: Noisy Room

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