The Obama-MSM Suicide Pact

Wow … what a bad couple of weeks for the duplicitous cohorts of the Obama regime. What is particularly significant to me is I’m seeing holes in the liberal media’s Obama sycophant lovefest.

Recently, regime operative Hilary Rosen trashed Ann Romney as a just a stay-at-home Mom who “never worked a day in her life.” Of course, never mind the fact she has five kids, 16 grandchildren, and has fought through MS and breast cancer.  In one ill-informed, ill-conceived comment, Rosen derailed the MSM and the Obama Administration by turning the alleged right-wing “War on Women” into a left-wing “War on Mothers.”

Apparently this is not playing to well with the public–imagine that! So much so, that I am witnessing something almost unheard of in the realm of the liberal network media: they are starting to swipe at each other.

I about fell out of my chair when I watched CNN’s Wolf Blitzer hold Hilary Rosen’s feet to the fire for her Ann Romney comments–going so far as to tell Rosen to look into the camera and apologize to Ann Romney … LOL! Typically, the MSM will circle their wagons around their own no matter what. Gotta love it!

Check it out:

But we all know Obama et ilk don’t need no stinkin’ dissension among the ranks! Apparently the word from Axelrod to CNN et al. is “if we go down, you’re going down.”

Wow … never sign a pact with the devil!

Back out quiet …


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