The New York Times and Child Sex Trafficking

Nick Kristof and the New York Times’ Ties to Child Sex Trafficking

by Joel B. Pollak

(Breitbart)—By op-ed columnist Nick Kristof’s own standards, he and the New York Times are earning money, indirectly, from child sex trafficking.

Late last month, Kristof targeted Goldman Sachs with farcical allegations of supporting child sex trafficking via its minority stake in Village Voice Media, which owns He repeated those allegations yesterday on CNBC (which called its story “Goldman’s Ties to Sex Trafficking”–video below).

Kristof’s real target may have been GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney, whose wife Ann owns a blind trust that had invested in Village Voice Media through a Goldman Sachs fund.

Ironically, Kristof’s own newspaper profits from the sort of advertising for escort services, strip clubs, and other forms of adult entertainment that Kristof has linked to the underworld of child sex trafficking.

Unlike, only 16 percent of which was owned by Goldman Sachs, is “a wholly-owned subsidiary of the New York Times Company,” according to’s contact information page.

Moreover, the About Group–including and other websites–accounted for 5% of all revenues to The New York Times Company in 2011, roughly $100 million.

In addition, according to its 2011 Annual Report to shareholders, the Times also owns a 49% stake in Metro Boston, a free daily newspaper with left-leaning coverage whose parent company also happens to make money from adult advertising.

One ad, for example, posted for Detroit, MI but visible through’s online classified section on April 9, seeks “Girls all ages, races, and body shapes…for Adult Entertainment jobs” (screenshot above).

All ages.”


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