Obama’s Unprecedented Comments Regarding the Supreme Court

Wow! Where do you start? In all my years as an American, I have never seen hubris, arrogance and pride displayed by a sitting U.S. president like I see coming from Obama. Apparently the “undocumented” feels compelled to impugn the “unelected.”

Well, let’s just deal with this whole issue of the “unelected.” That’s right, Supreme Court Justices aren’t elected; they’re appointed by elected leaders! Did you miss that part, Barry?

Obviously, Barry missed Marbury v. Madison during his alleged studies of constitutional law–snicker. Yes, Barry, the judicial branch of our government has the right to strike down unconstitutional legislation! It’s part of their charter–for crying out loud!

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Actually, Barry never wrote any published papers on the Constitution. Whatever Barry did learn about the U.S. Constitution is being used to dismantle it–instead of preserving, defending, and protecting it–like a U.S. president is sworn to do.

Dear leader goes on to accuse “conservative commentators” of hypocrisy if Obamacare is struck down–citing “judicial activism.” Really? Supreme Court justices doing their job is “judicial activism”? I don’t buy into the premise. I believe Obama’s admonition is another tiresome example of always accuse your enemy of the very same crimes you yourself are committing.

If the Justices begin to make up laws out of thin air, then I might look at it as “judicial activism.” But there hasn’t even been a ruling yet. So why is Obama accusing the SCOTUS of “judicial activism”? Did dear leader get a leak?

Obama’s hubris is getting some blowback–thank goodness. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals tartly demanded that the Justice Department please explain, in at least three pages, within 48 hours, its understanding of judicial review. Here’s the copy of the follow-up letter from the court:

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