ICYMI: Keith Olbermann Fired Again!

In case you missed it, Keith Olbermann was recently fired from Current TV for being a “dick.” Apparently he didn’t like to come to work–missing 19 of 41 days in January and February. Additionally, Olbermann didn’t like it when his “smelly” drivers talked to him. No doubt about it … Keith Olbermann is the “worst person in the world.”

NOTE: Pronounce the following poem like a British military officer …

An Ode to Keith Olbermann

May a thousand Saharan flies infest your armpits!
May the stench of a thousand camels hover thick over you like the aura of your hatred!
Oh sick and vile man!
May the noontime sun beat heavy upon thy brow driving you to ever greater madness!
May the teabags of a thousand Patriots gag your dreams and lay you and your ilk asunder!

Content Warning: S.E. Cupp Has a Very ‘Special Comment’ for Keith Olbermann (Unbleeped Version!)

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