Why No Consequences for Lefty Hate Talk?


Why No Consequences For Lefty Hate Talk?

by Brian Maloney | Radio Equalizer

When looking for fresh examples of “progressive” hate talk, it really doesn’t take much digging. From any day’s libtalk lineup, pick an hour at random and one or more will usually slither its way to the surface quickly enough.

But why go to the trouble? We’ve already done the work for you, tracking lefty smears by the hundreds (thousands?) here at this site for years. It’s all right here.

Despite their horrible nature, it’s quite rare to see these instances picked up by the establishment media. Conservatives apparently deserve to be slandered.

That’s why the latest manufactured OUTRAGE (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) from our “progressive” friends rings hollow. If subjected to the same standard applied to Rush Limbaugh this week, not one libtalker would still be on their air. Instead, two of the most hateful spent today celebrating a new cable talk deal.

Yes, we’ve heard the excuses: their radio audience is smaller (yet most now have cable shows, book deals, Huffington Post columns, etc), or they lack advertisers (not true as most firms sponsoring Rush also advertise on libtalk programming). Even some conservatives fall for these tricks.

Liberal radio hate has grown exponentially and remains largely unchecked. Do Midwestern tornado victims deserve ridicule and scorn? “Progressive” talker Mike Malloy sure thinks so. Check out his rant from Friday’s broadcast:

MIKE MALLOY (04:56): They keep being killed, you know, their God, if this is where they want to look at it, keeps smashing them into little grease spots on the pavement in – uh – uh – in – in, you know, in Alabama and Mississippi and Arkansas and uh Georgia and, uh, Oklahoma, you know, the Bible Belt. [imitates “preacher” voice] ‘Where they ain’t going to let no goddamn science get in the way – it says in the Bible, blah blah blah blah blah!

So, according to their way of thinking, you know, God, with his omnipotent thumb, reaches down here tonight and so far tonight has smashed about 20 people into a grease spot on Highway 12 or whatever the hell highway they live next to. It’s sad, it’s so sad for this kind of nonsense.

Want more examples? Take a look to the right, look through recent posts and archives going back eight years. NOTHING Rush Limbaugh has EVER said could hold a candle to what we’ve carefully documented at this site. See for yourself.

h/t: jminwash

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