Lee Releases Third Video on Supreme Court, ObamaCare

Lee Releases Third Video on Supreme Court, ObamaCare

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Mike Lee released the third in a series of videos giving viewers an inside look at the Supreme Court, its procedures, and the constitutional issues surrounding ObamaCare that will be debated in the nation’s high court this week.

The first video explained the proceedings of the court during and after oral arguments. The second was about the law clerks employed by each Justice and the work the clerks do. In this video, Senator Lee addresses ObamaCare itself, the potential violations of the Constitution contained within ObamaCare, and the way each Justice is likely to view the case.

“The Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, is one of the most controversial laws in the history of this country,” said Senator Lee, who himself clerked for Justice Samuel Alito. “The eventual Supreme Court ruling will affect every single American, and will indeed affect countless rulings in the future. This case will fundamentally define the power of the federal government.”

The video can be viewed at this address.

Watch “How the Supreme Court Works” here.
Watch “The Supreme Court Clerks” here.

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