Frances Fox Piven Threatens Occupy Is Going to Make Trouble this Spring

From TRP: Could you imagine what would happen if the Tea Party threatened trouble on the streets and “action” against existing institutions? Do you think the MSM would give that a free pass like the current administration and press in the U.S.A. are doing for the Occupy Movement? There have been over 6,600 arrests related to the Occupy protests, yet not a word from the MSM. It is obvious that we no longer have a free press in this country. They have simply become the propaganda arm for a very diabolical movement that threatens our very way of life. And it all has its roots in Marxist revolution. Via the

‘This Spring, We‘ll See Action’: Piven Issues Dark Prediction on Occupy Wall Street

(The Blaze)–According to Frances Fox Piven:

  • The Occupy Wall Street movement is entering the phase where it “makes trouble.”
  • “We’ll see action against the banks, against the corporations.”
  • Different forms of protests that will engage many people.
  • Occupy was helped by “sympathetic” press coverage.

Leftist professor and activist Frances Fox Piven last week predicted the Occupy Wall Street movement is entering the phase where it “makes trouble” and will soon be taking action against banks and other institutions.

“It may well be that the Occupy movement is now in its second phase, in the phase where it makes trouble, in the phase where it threatens to shut down institutions,” Piven said. “The Occupy movement has moved into the neighborhoods of our cities, it has moved into the schools….This spring, we’ll see action against the banks, against the corporations.”

She added, “It is going to be a spring with lots of protests that take different forms and engage lots of people.”

Piven made her comments during a lecture to a group of students at the University of Connecticut last Friday. She touched on the genesis of the Occupy movement, which she said was particularly a result of the financial crisis, which “exposed those in charge of the economy as illegitimate.”

“The people who were sitting on top of the world, the top-tenth of the top 1 percent, were guilty. They were guilty of thievery, of chicanery,” Piven said.

Calling Occupy Wall Street “a brilliant tactical innovation,” Piven dismissed the notion that local authorities actually worried about the sanitary conditions of the encampments, saying their major concern was how easily the “99 percent” theme caught on — helped by sympathetic press coverage.

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