Help Defeat Steny Hoyer


My name is Glenn Morton, I am a husband, father, Desert Storm veteran, small business owner and American. I am running against Steny Hoyer for Congress to help save my country.

America is in serious trouble. President Obama and Steny Hoyer are bankrupting our children and drowning us in debt for generations.  Please help me stop them before it is too late.

I am not a professional politician and have never run for office but I see America going down a dangerous path and I have to do something. Steny Hoyer, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are a threat to our freedom and our wallets. Hoyer’s liberal tax and spend policies are hurting hard working middle class families like yours and mine. It’s time to stand up and take back our country. With your donation of $5, $10, or $25 I can get my message out we can stop Steny Hoyer.



I meet with fine citizens and hard-working Americans every day that will vote to stand by me and stop the Democrats.  Steny Hoyer has millions of dollars from the big businesses and special interests he protects at your expense.  Can I count on your support to get my message of individual liberty and hard-work to the voters of Maryland?

Thanks and God Bless America,


Glenn Morton

P.S.  Just $25 goes a long way to reach out to voters who are desperate for someone to defeat Steny Hoyer.  Please help me reach them. A $25 donation will get you a copy of Glenn’s book “Passing Obamacare.”

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