GOP: On Whose Side?

When I first heard of the Tea Party Movement, I didn’t really think much about it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I didn’t like it. I just didn’t think it would gain the traction it has, despite the fact many liberals insist the Tea Party is irrelevant. If that were true, we did I just see a “Stop the Tea Party Movement!” … “Stop the Madness!” advertisement on Google recently?

But as I began to look into the Tea Party Movement more, I realized I wholeheartedly agreed with most of their positions on the Constitution & Bill of Rights, fiscal responsibility, the right of worship, the inalienable rights of the individual, freedom in business, strong defense, and the importance of limited government.

My hope has always been the GOP and RNC would co-opt the Tea Party Movement. I had hoped the GOP and RNC would embrace a grassroots movement to restore our republic and bring back republican principles to our massive and out-of-control federal government. I wrongly assumed such a pro-God, pro-American, pro-Constitutional movement would be endorsed and supported enthusiastically by the Republican Establishment. That’s what I get for thinking!

Instead, over the past few years, I have seen anything but support and encouragement from the Republican Establishment. I recall prior to the 2010 elections a one Mr. Karl Rove, who I have defended on numerous occasions, started sniping and lambasting Christine O’Donnell during the run-up to her Republican Senate primary in Delaware in 2010. Now, I realize Mr. Rove may have not viewed O’Donnell as the ideal candidate (who is), but did he want the Democrat to win? How did that help anything? It just sowed the seeds of discord within the base.

When I consider the comments of John McCain referring to Tea Party supporters as “hobbits,” I really have to take exceptional offense to that and wonder why he felt so compelled to alienate the very people that may very well provide the momentum to take back the White House in 2012. There was a reason John McCain didn’t beat Obama in the presidential election. McCain might want to look into that, but I digress.

There is a certain pragmatism that is required in politics. The point is to win the election fair and square. Which means one needs to attract as many voters for the Republican side as possible. Yeah–should be obvious, but apparently it isn’t to the Republican Establishment.

So why do I see, so many times in my life, the Republicans snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Why do I see so much sniping and snarky nonsense from the GOP elites toward the Tea Party Movement, and their own? Is it purposeful? Or is it just an inability to unify and organize the base? Why is it that the GOP and RNC seem to have so trouble presenting a united front with their own supporters?

Why were the Republicans able to win so many seats in 2010 elections? It was the Tea Party Movement, in my opinion. We saw folks like Allen West, Rand Paul, Joe Walsh–all strong Tea Party supporters–gain seats in the House and Senate. The positions of said individuals resonated with many voters; and they won fair and square. Why does the Republican Establishment not see this?

I just recently read “a pro-Romney spokesperson is leading the charge in making Allen West’s district much harder for him to hold.” This utterly infuriates me. Rep. Allen West is one of the shining stars of the Republican Party. He exhibits the true qualities of a leader. He stands for his principles. West knows how to deal with the MSM. West knows how to fight. The attempt to thwart West by one of our so-called “own” is so self-destructive to the Republican cause that it leaves me incredulous.

Now I see a Republican ticket that has me less than fired up, despite the big wins in 2010. Is this the best we can do? The Republicans need to repeal Obamacare, for one thing, as Rick Santorum brought up in a recent debate, . How will Romney ever debate Obama on this all important issue when he implemented his own version of Romneycare in Massachusetts? Why does the RNC keep traipsing out this old form of retro, moderate Republican, when it was true conservative principles that resulted in landslide victories for Ronald Reagan?

GOP: On whose side are you on?

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