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The Talking Points Meme

In an apparent attempt to counter the “what has Obama ever done for us?” sentiment many Americans feel these days, and the increasing apprehension over the thought of a second term for Obama, a recent video released by talkingpointsmemo.com provides … Continue reading

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Every Generation Has Its Fight, Now It’s Our Turn

This may be the United States last chance to remain the beacon of freedom on this planet.  Think of our great country as a mountain, and the progressives as the wind, ice, and rain.  Generation after generation have been aware … Continue reading

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Kunar Province: ‘The Stan’

Hat Tip: Live Leak

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The Battle of Yorktown

From the digital perspective …

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Tribute to the True Warrior

Bruce Lee: ‘Be Like Water’ Hat Tip: montanaconserv Special-Extra h/t: House of David

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Crow Tubing on Roof … See It To Believe It!

Hat Tip: montanaconserv

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Video: Jazz for Cows

Hat Tip: Aaron

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