Biden: ‘The Taliban Per Se Is Not Our Enemy’

Yeah, I think we know who the enemy is!

Good thing I run my own opinion site or I’d be fired by my managing editor for constant rants against the stinkin’, traitorous Left! I’M FED UP! I’m fit to be tied! Our very own fearless (*snicker*) Vice President (Joe Biden for those in Rio Linde) recently said the Taliban are not our enemy!

*heavy sigh*

Honestly, folks, how much more of this duplicitous crap can we take? If the Taliban are not our enemy, why in the hell are we in Afghanistan? The Taliban are some of the most brutal and despicable monsters on planet earth right now! OH, YES! There are many other monsters, too, in the world. But we’re fight the f___ing Taliban and Al Qaeda right now!

Victim of the Taliban

I really have no words anymore to express my disgust and disdain for the Left in America. It appears quite readily apparent to me that everything the Left does is designed to thwart America’s progress If it’s good for America, the Left hates it. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!

I came to this “opinion” over my lifetime by applying the scientific method and a little deductive reasoning–compliments of caring parents who taught me how to think, not what to think, unlike the brainless lefties who taught their kids to be “occupiers” and parrots … but I digress.

Scientific Method

  1. Observe
  2. Make predictions
  3. Test your predictions
  4. Draw a conclusion

Now, “progress” is a word the Left has utterly fallen in love with. Why? Because it is a diabolical play on words, which the Left loves to do (redefine words for their own nefarious purposes). Progress to the Left means progressing away from representative government toward direct democracy (communism).

Would you like to apply the scientific method too? Well, start by observing how many times the Left employs the word “progress.” They are progressives, don’t’cha know! WINK! But then ask yourself, “Progress toward what?” It’s simple: progress away from anything traditionally American. It’s brainwashing. It’s diabolical.

Now, for those who are familiar with Hegelian and Marxian dialectics, the manipulation and redefinition of words and terms are instrumental in the implementation of progressing the masses toward a psychological paradigm shift (“fundamental transformation”); whereby, the masses accept collective and Marxist-centered principles and philosophy unwittingly. Before the masses know it, the government is the central authority, and the inalienable rights of the individual are vastly eroded to the point where they cease to exist for all intents and purposes.

My fury at the recent comments by the V.P. certainly extend to the alleged Commander-in-Chief. Consider this dialectical quote in 2009 by Obama regarding the war in Afghanistan:

“The situation is increasingly perilous [Afghan war]. Many people in the United States have a simple question: what is our purpose in Afghanistan? Why do our men and women still fight and die there? They deserve a straightforward answer.”

–Barack Obama (2009)

End quote! Well, Barry, I’m still waiting! You’re the C-n-C, pal! Are you kidding me, SIR? Talking about not taking responsibility! What do you think, Barry? You get a free pass? The media may give you a free pass for such open-ended nonsense, Mr. President,  but history will not!

I think our brave service members say it best (via BuzzFeed):

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