Soros and the Euro

Once again, George Soros rears his sinister head in the current EU economic meltdown. Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported Soros’ gloomy warning that the “world financial system is near the brink of collapse.” Well, that should make Mr. Soros very happy, considering his penchant for collapsing economies for fun & profit.

The history of George Soros and his meddling and attacks on foreign currencies has become legend–an infamous legend. Just mention the name “Soros” around people in some of the Asian and European markets and you’ll watch them wince and cringe. Soros’ background reads more like a rap sheet of a mafia thug than the resume of a successful financier.

Soros may be best known for his brazen economic hit job on the Bank of England. From the

Soros engaged in a complex financial transaction that resulted in the Bank of England losing billions of dollars defending the British pound before having to devalue it. This assault on the British currency has not been analyzed to the extent necessary. One author, George Taylor, wrote a book, Germany Tries Again, offering the theory that Soros benefitted from inside information from the German government, and that Germany is attempting to re-establish a position of dominance in Europe. The author notes that both Germany and Soros favored the break-up of Yugoslavia and support for the Muslims in Bosnia. Other analysts suggest the so-called “rich Europeans” who invest with Soros and conceal their identities are based elsewhere and have greater influence over him. Other analysts raise the possibility that Soros is supported by either China or Russia.

In any case, the idea that his wealth has resulted from his own deep understanding and analysis of global financial markets has to be challenged. The secret nature of his trading and currency manipulations lends itself to speculation about whether or not he is in cahoots with other special interests, including those hostile to the U.S.

Significantly, Soros recently failed in his effort to have the European Court of Human Rights lift his conviction in an insider trading case in France.

In a major U.S. court case filed by the law offices of David H. Relkin, Soros was charged with “money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, and bid rigging” and of having a “pattern of money laundering activities.” A Soros representative was quoted by the Reuters news agency as saying that the lawsuit was completely without merit. 

The suit reviews some of what is known publicly about the history of Soros’s investments: “In August of 1990, according to Reuters News Agency, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency agents claimed that Banco de Columbia and other banks were conduits for Latin American drug money. In or about August 1994, according to Reuters, Soros acquired a nine percent interest in Banco de Columbia.[…]”

Attacking the British currency was only one of Soros’ diabolical plots to enrich himself from the suffering of others. In 2008, author Hector A. Rivas, Jr. wrote an article entitled “George Soros: Hit-Man for The British Oligarchy” describing Soros’ involvement in the European Maastricht Treaty of 1992, which established the Euro and eliminated the European Rate Mechanism (ERM). Rivas writes (emphasis mine):

Soros used his Quantum Fund to conduct financial warfare through derivatives and currency speculation. On the European front, in 1992, Soros won a key battle against the European Rate Mechanism (ERM), which was Europe’s financial structure to maintain stable exchange rates among the currencies of Europe. Soros created a financial crisis so that the system could be replaced by the Maastricht Treaty, which established the Euro as the single European currency, and put financial authority in the hands of one central bank, controlled by the Anglo- Dutch oligarchy. This plot began when representatives of Soros met on June 2, 1992, with top British and Anglo-Dutch financial predators, on Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s yacht Britannia.

Part of this operation can be understood by looking at his attacks against the Italian lira in the early 1990’s, which earned him 400 billion lira ($280 million) within a matter of days, while the Bank of Italy was forced to spend, between June and September of 1992, $48 billion of its reserves in a vain attempt to defend its currency. Within a few years, Soros was under criminal investigation for these sinister attacks. Members of the Movimento Internazionale per Diritti Civili Solidarietà first submitted testimony on Soros to the Milan court in 1995, and by the next year, investigations were launched out of Rome and Naples, which were reported on in the Dec. 24, 1996 issue of Corriere della Sera: “The investigation has just started, but the results could be explosive, and the name of the individual being officially investigated gives an idea of how delicate this investigation is: The name is George Soros. . . . The crime is stock-jobbing. . . . It concerns the attack on the lira.[…]”

So not only did Soros attack the Bank of England and the Bank of Italy, he was instrumental in establishing the Euro to replace Europe’s ERM in the first place! And how was this done? By using the strategy of manufactured economic crisis via derivatives and currency speculation–the same complex financial instruments that led to the housing market crash in the United States. Now Soros predicts a worldwide economic collapse … HUH! IMAGINE THAT!

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